Everyone faced with the situation when you deploy new version of software to a customer and starting to get tons of questions and claims regarding the software and many of these claims are needed to be described or discussed directly with the customer.  It consumes a lot of your time and that most important a lot of your nerve cells 🙂

Of course, you can ask your customer to send an e-mail with detailed description of what went wrong with attached screenshots and so on but it’s really painful and time consuming process for your customer.

And even if your customer is really IT skilled (because you need to have skills to make screenshots and write step by step instruction of what you did) often it doesn’t lead to the right direction. You need to call your customer, make some remote sessions to understand exactly what went wrong.

But even after all these steps the challenge is not completed because you need to create a case in your bug tracker system, assign it to correspondent developers and so on…

That’s why we created Bugrius!

Let users to spot and report bugs with a clear video report

You don’t need to ask them to send tons of screenshots or to write long step-by-step re-pro for an occasional bug – let them create clear video report with voice comments and share it in 1 click through integrated and free for you cloud storage.

Use your time on the phone for meaningful conversations, but not “now click here, move pointer to the right, etc.”

Get all the data you need from a short video report with voice commentary, not an hour long phone conversation with a user.

Save time and nerves on setting up screen sharing software or complicated (for users of course) online meeting tools.

Follow up with users and let them track bug fixes without never-ending email ping-pong

The users can see a status of the case and receive automatic email notifications if the status was changed.

Users can add feedback to an earlier closed case so you won’t need to start from scratch.

Have a bug tracker already? Just make it even more effective with simple integration of video reports

Trackers supported FogBugz, TFS and Jira (more coming soon).

Follow your own established workflow while getting clear video reports right in your favorite bug tracker.

Change bug tracker systems on the fly if needed.

And how I mentioned above we have seamless integration with most popular bug tracker systems such as TFS, Jira and FogBugz. The case created in one of the described bug tracker contains a tag (to understand from which customer the case was arrived), a full step records history to make the work with case more comfortable inside your bug tracker and of course the link by clicking on which you can view the video bug report with sound commentary from your customer.

 Just enjoy a movie 🙂

 Have a look at how it works or just jump into a free trial here.

P.S. Below you can see how the case created with Bugrius looks in Jira and TFS.

Jira (click to enlarge):



TFS (click to enlarge):

TFS View


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