IT Professional Contest — Hurry to get your Prize

Hi Folks,

Microsoft Gulf is running an IT professional contest in our region (Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Oman) called TechNet Guru. IT professionals answer 10 questions on Microsoft solutions and compete with one another to enter to win a prizes that include:

one first prize of an I-mate JASJAM Smartphone,

three 1st runner-up prizes of a MPIO MP3 player,

five 2nd runner up prizes of the new Microsoft VX 6000 Life Cams,

five 3rd runner up prizes of the Microsoft wireless laser mouse,

three 4th runner up prizes of the Microsoft fingerprint reader, and

three 5th runner up prizes of Microsoft PC game sets.

We want to reach out to as many IT professionals as possible so I request your help in spreading the news about the contest to your colleagues, friends in the IT world, community/user group members etc.

Visit: (for best experience, view in flash with sound on).

The contest ends January 31st, 2007.

Moustafa arafa

maintain scroll on 2.0 page

Hi all,

all of you know SmartNavigation feature in 1.1 which maintain scroll position of aspx pages and it has alot of draw backs & problems.

now, 2.0 is shipped with a mazing feature equivelant to Smart Navigation but with out problems (unitl the time i post this thread),simply u can maintain your scroll position on any aspx page by applying one attribute on html view of your page.

on page tag put this attribute :

<%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true"
MaintainScrollPositionOnPostback=”true” />

that set…. 🙂

happy .net programming.

Moustafa arafa

Get Values From Grid View To Update it

Hi Folks,

i got a question from one of our boomers to how can he get values from gridview to update values.
here,is the answer.

Way #1 :
string test = MyGV.Rows[indx].Cells[1].Text ;

Way #2 : if you want to get DataKey value from GridView
string test=MyGV.DataKeys[0].Value.ToString()

Way #3:


let me know if you need any other help my friend “Raheel Rasheed”.

Moustafa arafa

New Arabic Search Engine عربى.com

Hi Folks new arabic search engine (عـــربى),is one of Maktoob Group services.

عربي هو محرك البحث الأول الذي يؤمن لك بلمح البصر المعلومات الشاملة والفريدة التي تتعلق بكل ما تريد معرفته ، عربي هو محرك بحث سهل وفعال لأنه يفهم لغتك و ثقافتك و يلبي احتياجاتك. يغطي محرك عربي صفحات الإنترنت العربية التي يقدر عددها بعشرات الملايين من الصفحات. كما يتميز محرك عربي باستخدامه لقواعد اللغة العربية خلال عمليات البحث.

نود أن نلفت إنتباه مستخدمينا الأعزاء إلى أن إصدار عربي هو إصدار “بيتا” أي إصدار أولي يتم تطويره على مدار الساعة. لإبداء آرائكم حول الموقع أو في حالة مواجهة أي مشاكل. الرجاء الضغط على رابط “آراؤك واقتراحاتك” أدناه.

شكراً لكم و نتمنى أن ينال عربي إعجابكم!

check it and be happy with this great effort.

Moustafa arafa