4 Tenets of Service Orientation

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This post is to show and describe the 4 tenets of SOA and how is it implemented in WCF Technology in a way,how can WCF to avoid the wellknown pitfalls of using current technologies such as (WSE):

1) Boundaries are explicit :
Applications is communicating to each other by sending and receiving messages to each other.

2) Services are autonomous: you can’t control any service out of your organization boundaries.
Your solution should be loosly coupled ,so it can tolerate these changes and continue running if one or more services are un available.

3) Services share schema,contracts not classes or types: simply each service publish the schema of the data which will be exchanged between the service and clients and how can be binded to the clients,these information is used by clients to consume the published services.

4)Compatability is based on policy:Schemas and contracts exposed by the service is define the “Shape” of the service.

if you familiar with WS Enhancements,it has its specification on WS-Security,WS-Interoperability….etc which has been encapsulted into the WCF unified platform.

From Introducing WCF- MS Press

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Deploy WSS 3.0 Web Part

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This post i will explain how can you dpeloy a wss 3.0 webpart to your shareporint server.

the steps as follows:

1) on your class library,open project properties.
2) select signing tab.
3) check sign assembly check box and select new,and give your snk file a proper name , Close and save.

You will notice that a new snk file has been added to your solution which is used to sign your assembly and give it a strong name.

4) Dont forget to build the dll to be signed with the created strong file name.
5) add your strong name assemly to the GAC using VS command line

GacUtil -i MyAssembly.dll

You can check that the file assemly has been imported to GAC y navigating to :

you will find your dll,this means that your string name dll has been imported successfully to GAC (Global Assembly Cache)

6) Right click on your srong name assembly and select properties,and copy the public token.

7) Create a manafiset file in your project “Manifest.xml”

8) Paste the public token you have saved to the PublickKeyToken attribute under safeControls element in Manifest.xml file.

9) Manifest.xml file should be Content file on the build action property on VS.

on the above steps,your web part is ready to be packaged up to the shareporint server,to create the cab file of this webpart do the following:

10) add a new project, Cab Project.
11) add the primary output / content files to the Cab Project.
12) Build the CaB Project.
13) after building the CAB Project,Rename it to wsp (SharePoint solution file).
14) Take this file (wsp) and insert it using SBS admin tools :
stsadmin -c addsolution -filename MyWebPartCab.wsp

15) On Solution Management on SharePoint Central administration site, you will see the imported solution file which oyu have did on the previous step.

16) Select the solution and click on Deploy Button.

Now you have finished deploying your webpart and you can add it to any web application in your WSS Sites.

Add our webpart to your site on any webpart page,if you didnt find it,add it by clicking on new button on the web parts gallery list.

Hope this helps and descriptive.

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Gulf MVP Summit @ 21 June

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This is a photo to me with Charbel Fakhoury (MS Gulf GM) during giving us our give aways on Closing session of Gulf MVP summit.

Thanks AMR (my MVP Lead) for this excellent photo.

I like this photo alot,and to see more,visit my personal space:

new community has been launched in Riyadh

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New Community has been launched in Riyadh called Mobarmij,for those who doesnt know what does “Mobarmij” means? it means Programmer and its an arabic word which is equivelant to Programmer in english.

I have introduced this community in Gulf MVP Summit in Dubai 21 June 07 In one of the summit sessions called “Coming soon with MVPs“, and hope all success for its board members.


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MSDN MS Gulf – issue 1

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I invite each one of you to subscribe to the Gulf MSDN Newsletter,you can find the first issue on below link :


under MVPs section you will find my articles posted there.

If you have any suggestions or ideas feel free to post it to me to be updated on our next issues to Gulf MSDN newsletter.

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Get Latest Version while Check Out on VS 2005

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This post is to highlight one of the important thing you have to take care when you upgrade your Source Control System from VSS to TFS,one of the major changes between both products is Checkout action is different than its behavior on VSS.

On VSS,Check out action get Silent Get latest action on the same action.

On TFS,Check out doesnt get latest of your files.

This feature is not available on V1 of TFS & VS 2005 and this will be availble on Orcas.

As a Temporarily solution,you can download an add-In to do that for you,Get Latest while checkout your files in TFS……..

AddIn Download Link :


Hope this helps.

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