Recover SQL 2005 DB passwords

Hi Folks,

I got an urgent request of one of my firends asking for a solution to recover SQL 2005 DB password,the situation was as follows:

He took a backup of SQL 2005 DB and set the password option on SQL 2005,and when he tried to restore the DB,SQL 2005 request the password which he forgot it.

My First question was: did he protect the bak file from SQL 2005 or not ? after i got that he protect the DB from SQL 2005,i started to search for third party solution to fix this problem since this DB contains very sensitive information.

I found a third party to recover the DB password for SQL 2005,try it now :

The security hole which i discovered that this program can’t recover the DB passwords if the SQL Engine was configured to use only Windows Authentication Mode; and this is considered as an important security point when we use MS Products with Windows Authentication mode ONLY.

From this post,you have to take care of your SQL installation which mode is an appropriate to your organization.
Hope this helps.

Moustafa arafa

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