Recover your DB from Log Files in MS SQL DBMS

Hi Folks:

I got a call from one of my friends “Fady” regarding one of the guys dropped his tables without taking a backup of his DB.

This is my Support and answer to him.

Dear My Firend Fady,

Regarding your question yesterday, for that person who Dropped his tables, anyways this email has good news for him, as I told you he can recover the DB from its log file, simply pass these Urls to him, to recover your DB from Log File.


Hope this help you guys…….

Moustafa arafa

November Rosario CTP now available

7 days after Visual Studio 2008 RTM’d, we have a preview of the next version of VSTS available. Get it while it’s hot.

I’m happy to announce that the next Community Technology Preview of Rosario (officially known as Microsoft® Visual Studio® Team System code name “Rosario” November 2007 CTP) is now available. Customers can immediately begin downloading the VPC images from our download page.

For this release we worked on a number of key scenarios that we’d like you to try out. To help facilitate your evaluation, we’ve included samples and walkthroughs within the VPC to demonstrate these new features. Here’s a list of walkthroughs broken out by product:

Architecture Edition
• Visualizing Interaction Sequences between Service-Oriented applications
• Using the Distributed System Designers and the Web Service Software Factory to build WCF applications
• Designing and Visualizing Interactions between classes
Development Edition
• Simplify Code Analysis rule selection with Rule Sets
• Find and fix a bug using the historical debugger
• Identify the test impact of code changes
• Find a bug on a separate machine using the standalone debugger
Test Edition
• Planning a testing effort
• Executing manual test cases
Team Foundation Server
• Managing user stories with the Agile Process
• Managing features with the CMMI Process

Read more on Jeff Blog :

Moustafa arafa

Part 2 : when ? where ? i have to use NotBot Ajax control

Hi Folks,

I got some questions regarding the using the NotBot Ajax control : Where we can use it ? when ? and some visitors requires the code to use this control.

The answer of when ? You have to plug NotBot Control on your business applications,if it uses Forms authentication then you can put it on Login Page,OW you can put it on your master page incase your site for anonymous users.

The answer of where ? You can drop it on your login page or your master page instead of putting it on each page of your applications or websites.

The code you have to put : (in C#)

protected void Page_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
if (!NoBot1.IsValid())
{//trying to automate requests to the page….
// to do…………..


Hope this helps…..

Moustafa arafa

Secure your Website by using NoBot Control on asp.Net Ajax

Hi All,

Today i have used one of the important controls on ajax framework which secure my website/Application from automated attacks on your websites in away to hack your application without any human interaction.

NoBot is a control that attempts to provide CAPTCHA-like bot/spam prevention without requiring any user interaction. This approach is easier to bypass than an implementation that requires actual human intervention, but NoBot has the benefit of being completely invisible. NoBot is probably most relevant for low-traffic sites where blog/comment spam is a problem and 100% effectiveness is not required.

NoBot employs a few different anti-bot techniques:

1)Forcing the client’s browser to perform a configurable JavaScript calculation and verifying the result as part of the postback.
2)Enforcing a configurable delay between when a form is requested and when it can be posted back.

NoBot can be tested by violating any of the above techniques: posting back quickly, posting back many times, or disabling JavaScript in the browser.

add it on your application and secure it without any line of code…….unless you want to add any custom behavior for catching website spams.

Read More :

Moustafa arafa

CDO Error when creating Person Object

Dear All,

If you are using CDO DLL for Integration with Exchange server in your application,you might face problems when you are trying to initiate an object from CDO.dll Class Library.

i used to create contacts in exchange server,and my application was working fine with cdo.dll after migrating to vs 2005,the cdo stop working,after alot of investigation,i found that the dll wasn’t registered on .net framework 2.0 and register on .net framework 1.1,this is one of my bad luck…and to see the related posts,kindly visit below links :

ex.Message “Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {CD000107-8B95-11D1-82DB-00C04FB1625D} failed due to the following error: 80040154.” String

to fix it,register the cdoex.dll on .net framework 2.0 :

regsvr32 cdoex.dll

This will fix the problem……….

Happy .Netting.

Moustafa arafa

ASP.Net 2.0 Tip : CSS is not applied on my aspx page

Hi Folks,

You might face this problem on 2.0,if you create an aspx page and you reference the css file on the header of this page,you will face that the css classess are not applied on that page even if the css reference is right.

And css link is working on other pages but is not working on the new created page.

The workaround of this issues is to remove the below line of the html code :

!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN” “”

this will instantly apply the css classes on your page.

Happy .Netting….. 🙂

Moustafa arafa

Release of VS 2008 & .Net 3.5 by the end of november

Hi All,

For those who didn’t go to TechEd 07 this year which is running nowadays,MS Announced the release date for VS 2008 and .Net 3.5 by the end of november this year.

It is amazing specially the release of .Net 3.5 which has alot of enhancement and new features which doesn’t exist on .Net 3.0.

Read more on MS Press :

Moustafa arafa

Next Event : TechNet & MSDN Road Show @ Gulf

Hi Folks,

Execlusive to my blog readers,the agenda of Gulf TechNet & MSDN Roadshow.

Next Event will be held on Gulf during november-Dec based on your location.

Register now :

For Kuwait : its on 14th of November 07 – Movenpick
Read more on the event site .


City Venue Date
Kuwait Movenpick Hotel Wednesday Nov 14th
Oman Shangri la Hotel Saturday Nov 17th
Bahrain Sheraton Hotel Monday Nov 19th
Dubai Habtoor Grand Hotel Tue/Wed Dec 4 & 5
Qatar Intercon Hotel Sunday Dec 9th


TechNet Track Speakers MSDN Track Speakers
Session 1 – UC
Session 2 – WS08 First Look at Visual Studio 2008 – Part I

First Look at Visual Studio 2008 – Part II

Session 3 – System Center Configuration Manager
Exploring the Building of Software + Services Applications
Session 4 – Data Protection Manager Best Practices for Team-Based Software Development
Session 5 – Virtual Machine Manager IIS7, Orcas & Team System
Session 6 – SQL Server Building Silverlight Applications Using .NET
Closing and Raffle Closing & Raffle

Moustafa arafa