Write arabic even if you don’t have arabic keyboard !!

Hi All,

I had a problem few days ago,I was working on a laptop with English Only characters and i can’t write arabic character because i can’t memorize the location of arabic keys.

One of my friends sent me a very good site which you can write your word in english and it will be converted to Arabic word representation,then you can (copy) take this word and search on Live.come with it for example.

I want to get this word written in arabic : Shahr,write it on this site it will be converted to : شهر

Wonderful site url :

Mostafa arafa

Test the performance of you web pages

Hi All,

For all web developers to measure the performance of your web pages,now MS has released new tool to visualize analyze the performance of your roundtrip in your webpages called VRTA.

download link :


This is not a substitute for the tests that you can do it with VS team system testing tools such as : load test.

hope this helps.

Mostafa arafa

What’s behind XBAP web pages ?

Hi Folks,

If you visit one of the sites and you find an interactive website pages with xbap extensions ( such as : home.xbap) those files are .net pages with WPF browser template project available in .Net 3.5.

Don’t think its a silverlight pages or any other technology has been used,it’s pure WPF browser project in .net 3.5,and all created pages take xbap extension,those files have the power of .net framework in your browser,it’s tested on IE and FireFox,I have test it also on the last version of Firefox 3.0.4,it works fine.

If you would like to see a sample of simple interactive page using WPF browser application,here it is :


If you are familiar with ClickOnce Deployment in Windows Applications in .Net,it’s the same but on your browser :).

It’s really a great step in the web development by using the full power of .Net functionality and deployment mechanism on your favorite web browser.

If you want the sample code for the posted sample,it is here :


Happy .Netting…

Mostafa arafa

Different Languages Interface for VS 2008

Hi All,

MS has released a new tool since that all developers all over the globe can see the translation of VS Interface in different languages other than english Interface (CLIP).

This is one announcement,the other one which is interesting,that i have participated in this product 1 year ago and i’m very happy to see it in place and all MVPs efforts are presented in one of the most favourable products for all .Net developers.

One Question will come which language did I support in the VS Dictionary : Sure It’s Arabic Translations for VS.

Tool download link :


Happy time with VS IDE.

Mostafa arafa

jQuery ? New easy life for web developers

Hi All,

For all web developers,new library which ease your life to write javascript code and it is also integrated with VS.Net IDE. if you have your asp.net application or Ajax enables asp.net application you can now download an integrate jQuery with your existing web application or website.

jQuery gives you a great advantage of manipulating your html elements by providing an API selector with the intellisense in VS.Net.

Read more and the download link of jQuery Library :

How to integrate jQuery in your asp.net application:

Scott Gu announcing the jQuery integration with VS.Net :

Happy .Net programming 🙂

Mostafa arafa

Download SharePoint 2007 VPC Now

Hi All,

If you are looking to work or evaluate SharePoint 2007 for training or development purposes,here’s the full download for SharePoint 2007 VPC Files:


Thanks Microsoft 🙂

If you are one of who like to create their VPC manually, here’s a great post for this :


Mostafa arafa