‘AntiXssLibrary’ or one of its dependencies. There is not enough space on the disk. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070070)

Hi Folks,

If you got the error message from MS CRM 4.0 which is running on a VM on your test or production Hyper-V manager server, After i checked the the error message on the server, the error message which was :

“‘AntiXssLibrary’ or one of its dependencies. There is not enough space on the disk. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070070)”

Just trun off your VM, Then expand desk space allocated for the VM will fix the issue.

Hope this tip helps.

Mostafa arafa

Access denied when try to sign your project in VS 2008

Hi Folks,

If you are facing a problem that you can’t sign your project using VS 2008, this is not because there is a problem in VS 2008 but this is because the User Access control (UAC) feature in Vista. The User Access Control enabled in your system, you have to disable it to enable signing to your assembly in VS 2008.


If you can’t publish your project using ClickOnce deployment in VS 2008 and your are getting an error message : “publish aborted, can’t create a default certificate”

The cause for above 2 errors messages are because of the UAC is enabled.

To do/fix this:
1) Open Run windows in Vista: Accessories -> Run.
2) Type MSCONFIG command.
3) select tools tab, select Disable UAC and click on Luanch button.
4) Reboot your system (Important).

Once you reboot your system, open your project and you will be able to sign your assembly.

Hope it helps.

Mostafa arafa

My first SQL azure Application on the Cloud !!!

Hi Folks,

Few months ago, i worked with Azure Services, and since i’m interested to develop applications over the cloud which extensively use SQL Server as a backend, i used BLOBS to store my data… actually it wasn’t that easy to use, but the product was still in beta in that time.

Recently, I have some time to develop and start using SQL Azure services, A big start by allowing us to create the Database over the website, then all other operations ( CRUD ) for the Database design and object model can be done using ADO.Net classes.

C# Code for connecting and creating a table over the cloud:

SqlConnectionStringBuilder connString2Builder;
connString2Builder = new SqlConnectionStringBuilder();
connString2Builder.DataSource = “MyServer.ctp.database.windows.net”; // check your profile to know server name.
connString2Builder.InitialCatalog = “YourDB”; // you can create your own their.
connString2Builder.Encrypt = true;
connString2Builder.TrustServerCertificate = true;
connString2Builder.UserID = “myUserName”;
connString2Builder.Password = “myPassword”;

// Connect to the sample database and perform various operations
using (SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection(connString2Builder.ToString()))
using (SqlCommand command = conn.CreateCommand())

// Create a table
command.CommandText = “CREATE TABLE MostafaTable(Col1 int primary key, Col2 varchar(20))”;

// Insert sample records
command.CommandText = “INSERT INTO MostafaTable(col1, col2) values (1, ‘string 1’), (2, ‘string 2’), (3, ‘string 3’)”;
int rowsAdded = command.ExecuteNonQuery();

// Query the table and print the results
command.CommandText = “SELECT * FROM MostafaTable”;

using (SqlDataReader reader = command.ExecuteReader())
// Loop over the results
while (reader.Read())
Console.WriteLine(“Col1: {0}, Col2: {1}”,

— To read more about SQL Azure services:

— SQL Azure Forums:

Hope it helps.

Mostafa arafa

SortedSet{T} new collection type in .Net 4.0 beta 1

Hi folks,

This post based on my readings in .Net 4.0 beta 1, one of the new enhancements in .Net 4.0 is SortedSet{T} collection type, which implements red-black sorting algorithm with complexity O(log n) for the entire list.

Red-Black tree is an efficient sorting algorithm and using this collection will help alot from performance of sorting large sets in the run time.

C# code:

var mySet=new SortedSet{int}() {3,2,7,23,12,879,345,122,98};
foreach(int x in mySet)

// output: sorted list.

To read more about .Net 4.0 enhancements, kindly check below links:



N.B.: Kindly replace {} with the less and greater than operators (generics) since the blog engine doesn’t support posting these characters.
Hope this helps.

Mostafa arafa

Check / uncheck all in GridView using JQuery

Hi All,

I was developing a page in sharepoint which uses a ASP.Net GridView control, and i added a check box in the grid view to give the ability to check or un check some rocords and i put a check box as a template header control in the grid view.

I want to write a javascript function which does this to me but i want it in JQuery not regular java script – Old School methodology.

This is the gird view html:

cbSelectAll” runat=”server” />

on DataItem bound in the grid view, i put the code to add the clientside Id for the check all control javascript handler.

C# Code:

protected void gvCourseActivities_RowDataBound(object sender, GridViewRowEventArgs e)
if ((e.Row.RowType == DataControlRowType.Header))
//adding an attribut for onclick event on the check box in the hearder and passing the ClientID of the Select All checkbox
((CheckBox)e.Row.FindControl(“cbSelectAll”)).Attributes.Add(“onclick”, “javascript:SelectAll(‘” + ((CheckBox)e.Row.FindControl(“cbSelectAll”)).ClientID + “‘)”);

On the header, after adding the link to jQuery library, i added the following function i nthe header of my aspx page.

function SelectAll(id) {

// OLD School, the below commented code is also working.
// var frm = document.forms[0];
// for (i = 0; i < frm.elements.length; i++) {
// if (frm.elements[i].type == “checkbox”) {
// frm.elements[i].checked = document.getElementById(id).checked;
// }
// }

// New School:
$(“INPUT[@name=chkAll][type=’checkbox’]”).attr(‘checked’, $(‘#’ + id).is(‘:checked’));


The good thing to handle the check all checkbox on the item data bound that you can get the client id for the control in the runtime which is used a lot if your page is inheret from a masterapge and the only way to get the client id for check all is to check the page source ( View Source).

Hope this helps.

Mostafa arafa

CRM 4.0 Integration with your business applications/products

Hi Folks,

MS Dynamics – CRM 4.0 is one of the recognized products for mid-size, large customers for customers’ relationship management products in the market.

If you have a CRM 4.0 in your company, you might want to integrate CRM Data with other business applications. The way to do this is to use MS Biztalk server which comes now with a CRM 4.0 Adapter.

This means that you can make use of CRM schema and Data using Biztalk 2006/2009 in your business applications or other products using this new released CRM adapter in Biztalk.

To download and start integrating with CRM 4.0, this is the download link and some useful documents to wotk with Biztalk CRM Adapter.


Hope this helps.

Mostafa arafa