Cannot open a closed file error in ajax / SharePoint Site

Hi Folks,

I was developing a webpart in sharepoint ( consider it as a usercontrol for ASP.Net Developers) and in the webpart i was uploading a document using AsyncFileUpload control in AJAX Toolkit.

And it was working fine, but for some files i was getting this error : “Cannot open a closed file” and i was thinking that the problem from the file or it is a code behind issue.

I figure out the problem was because of the file size threshold in the web.config, the default web.config is:

<httpruntime maxrequestlength=”51200″ />

I added this attribute:

<httpruntime maxrequestlength=”51200″ requestLengthDiskThreshold=”4096″ />

The resolution for the problem is: Set the length disk threshold to 4M ( or any other number in KB as per your application business rule) because by default the value is 80K.

Hope this helps.

Happy SharePointing…. or .Netting 🙂

Mostafa arafa

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