Prescott and XP SP2 Update

It seems there are plenty of people out there running Prescott processors without the latest BIOS code. Seems that a number of vendors were putting out boards with pre production microcode versions. And XP needs to see version 8 or later 

So go get the latest BIOS update. Unless your mobo manufacturer hasn’t yet released one (which is the case for a couple of them) In that case a workaround is available here

Olympc Games oi oi oi

It seems quite surreal to see Australia in 3rd place on the medal table.
I am sure by the end we will be a bit lower.
We tend to win more in the first week due to our swimming team.
Still, it is a fantastic result so far.
Consider, there a 20 million people here, proportionally we are doing extremely well.

DNS and mail failures

I have been runing a mail server for a few years now on a dynamic IP. I have had no real problem. Until today that is. It seems my DNS provider who is also my backup email server has gone missing in action.

All attempts to ping the 6 nameservers is failing. I did a troll of the newsgroups and found a few references to the issue. Who is it? Dynu Systems 

Up until today they have been 100% reliable for me, for nearly 3 years. Now I can’t find there website or nameservers. I don’t mind so much that they are having an outage, its not knowing why? Have they shut up shop and done a runner? Was there building burnt down? I don’t particularly want to redelegate the domain, but commercial reality will drive me to do so in a few hours. I am hoping I hear something from them in the meantime.

Yes, I know, your going to tell me to stop fooling around on dynamic DNS and get a fixed IP. Well it’s easier said than done. I did have one but the ISP’s performance wasn’t up to par. I am very happy with my current ISP, Internode but they don’t offer dynamic IP at my plan level. Oh well, I might have to shell out a few more bucks and get a static IP and run my own DNS.



Computers and Abattoirs

I heading interstate to install a LAN some PC’s and a telephone system for my sister.
She has just bought an abattoir out in country Victoria.
I am in the wrong game, seems there is some good money in the meat exporting business.
Oh well, at least computers don’t smell so bad.