Slow Month (blogwise)

I have been so busy this month that I have hardly posted at all. I am going to try to push myself to at least do one post a day.

I figure if I haven’t got one thing a day to say, and the time to do it, then I probably should give it up blogging.

Having spent the last month migrating 3500 people from Novell to 2003, and building 50 servers, I need a break.

Fat Chance, I am off for the next 4 weeks travelling around NSW to audit something I can’t really mention.


IE Updates for XP only

microsoft has announced that they won’t be integrating the security fixes/upgrades from XP SP2 into any of their older OS’s. Of course they will still update sopported OS’s but they are going to miss out on the extra security features. Seems like Mozilla usage is about to grow a fair bit. The figures I read estimated 49% of Windows systems are non XP, if these people haven’t felt the need to upgrade by now, do you really think that they will to get extra security features. OK, MS will get some of them, but I forsee many just abandoning the insecure tools IE/OE etc and using other programs. Especially when other free programs are better than the ones you are replacing. Hey MS, how about tabbed browsing? 

Poor time synchronization occurs on Windows Server 2003

I have had many issues with the W32Time service over the years.
First with Windows 2000 and this week (well we bothered to look at it) with Windows 2003

For some reason, some DC’s couldn’t get a time source. The w32tm /monitor command showed 6 out of 20 not having a source.
Now as all the servers were built using the same process, at the same location, I can’t explain why.

Well I have always felt that the time service is flaky, since back in 2001 when having similar issues.

An old fix was to stop, unregister, register and restart the service

I came across this KB article and hotfix, looks new.

W32Time frequently logs Event ID 50 and poor time synchronization occurs on Windows Server 2003

Perhaps this will fix it……….