SBS really does Rock

I did my first real install of SBS 2003 over the weekend.

I am used to doing enterprise migrations, in which we script everything, test it all and then run it, then fix the fu’s. Not to mention there is usually 6 -to 10 of us across it.

I was flying by the seat of my pants on this one. I was confident I could handle it though. Everything I have read and heard about SBS 2003 gave me confidence. I had actually run it on a VM and I passed the MCP exam!  

SBS 2003 is an amazing product. The wizards are really well thought out. I just ran a wizard, created a bunch of user accounts, assigned them machines and then went to each machine and pointed IE to a page on the server.

Thats it, Done. The machines are joined to the domain and the users are migrated into the domain from their existing PC’s.

So this company went from some PC’s in a workgroup with most files dumped on one workstation, external email and website to a smooth running domain, central storage of all data, email, web, intranet, remote access, security and I can sit at home and do admin on it.

Today they asked me if they could share a calendar to track leave and trips.

I just opened the built-in intranet site, and there was one already for them to use…it made me look good <g>

I have to say I am most impressed by this product, easily one of the best I have ever seen.

Microsoft buy Sybari

Microsoft opened up the wallet and swallowed up Sybari.

Looks like they are getting serious, well they have been for awhile now. They have acquired a number of security companies in recent times.

How long till we see this stuff integrated into the OS?

What of Antitrust issues? I’ll bet some of the other vendors start flogging that horse soon enough.

More Info

MS to release 13 Security Bulletins on Tuesday

According to the Advance Notification service, which pre-announces upcoming patches but limits the information disclosed, next Tuesday’s roundup will include 13 security bulletins, at least three of which will be marked “Critical,” the developer’s most dire warning.
Nine of the bulletins affect Microsoft Windows. That’s a much-higher-than-normal number, and three times what the company published in January.

Other patches will be published to fix bugs in SharePoint Services, Microsoft Office, the .Net Framework, Visual Studio, Windows Media Player, and MSN Messenger.

Microsoft has several unresolved vulnerabilities, according to security researchers, who have noted problems in Windows XP SP2’s buffer overflow defense, and continued weaknesses in internet Explorer.

The patches will be posted on Microsoft‘s security website on 8 February, and be available for downloading from the Windows Update service that same day.