Technology Blues

Who would have thought that it would be this hard to find a $1 plastic part.

My main system is down at the moment. The little plastic retainer that the processor heatsink clips onto has come away from the motherboard. No worries, I’ll just pop down the road and pick one up. Yeah right!

So far I have been to 5 shops and none could help. The best offer so far is buy a new motherboard!!!

Even searching online I have found it very difficult to find this part. I am about to head of to the computer market to see if I can scrounge one.

It is so annoying, a $1500 piece of equipment down for the want of a crappy $1 part. Not to mention lost access to all the data. Oh well, the joys of computing need to be experienced <g>. Now I just have to resist the urge to buy a socket 939 board and a AMD dual 64 cpu…maybe next week.

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