Kid’s Programming Language

Positioning itself as the successor to BASIC, KPL is available for free download.

Go on, give it a whirl.

KPL’s language is modeled on the simplicity and readability of BASIC, but it is a structured rather than linear programming language. KPL lets children see eye-catching and immediate results from their programs, while teaching them fundamental concepts like variables, data types, loops, decision structures, methods and functions. KPL’s data types include integers, decimals, strings, booleans, arrays, and user-defined structures.

You can get it here

Further information is at

eDonkey gives up

It looks like the heydays of P2P file sharing, at least for US companies, may be drawing to an end.
eDonkey has followed WinMX and Kazaa in shutting down or modifying their operations.

“Because we cannot afford to fight a lawsuit, even one we think we would win, we have instead prepared to convert eDonkey’s user base to an online content retailer operating in a ‘closed’ P2P environment,” said Sam Yagan, the president of MetaMachine, in a statement.

Looks like all the P2P is going to go offshore.

Kazaa now illegal in Australia

Following on from an earlier ruling in the USA, Kazaa is now illegal here in Australia.

I find it rather strange myself. If the users of the product do the wrong thing with it, how is that the makers problem?

The judge, Justice Wilcox, said “The respondents have long known that the Kazaa system is widely used for the sharing of copyright files.”

Should we now expect Wilcox and cronies to clean up all those other little bothersome areas?

The makers of cigarettes have long known they kill people, the makers of cars know that their products are used to kill people, even those that make guns know they are used to kill people. I could go on but why, you know what I mean

I shall enjoy watching them brought to “justice”, just like Kazaa.

Australian record companies — including units of Universal Music, Sony BMG, EMI Group, Warner Music, and several independents — will now seek damages for hundreds of millions of illicit music downloads at a later hearing.

Greed is good! I’ll bet the artists see lots of that money

So now the same old cartel who have been charging me $30.00 a CD are happy. You gotta love this funny old world

As the beatles said “money can’t buy me love”, but it sure can get legislation enacted and court rulings in your favour.

Firefox or IE7

I am using Firefox almost exclusively these days.

I like the plugins. I love SessionSaver.

You can have as many tabs as you like open with preset pages each time you open the browser. It is saving me loads of time. The best part is, you can have any number of tab sets. Just load them up when you want them.

I have one for dev pages, one for scripting references, one for banking, one for news etc…

I really hope the IE team is taking note of FF and it’s wonderful extensibility.