Microsoft Withdraws Private Folder 1.0

I just saw this posted over at BetaNews
Whether it proves to be true I guess we will have to wait and see.
I really hope it is false and they continue to offer the product.

Actually if Microsoft withdraw it I will be disgusted.

I can still download it from the MS site at present.
Microsoft Private Folder 1.0

The main points I have seen raised are;

IT Administrators fear users will hide stuff from them and/or forget the password and lose access to files.
Parents are concerned the kids might hide stuff in them.

The so called IT Admins should know better. I suspect they are completely inept if they fear this program. C’mon, you control what gets installed on your network, don’t you?

Parents, are you aware that your kids could and have been doing this forever. There are countless tools available to do it. Ever heard of zip files, yes, they can be password protected. There is no point listing them all, you can google them if you wish.

As to whether people forget their password and lose access. Big deal, you use it, you lose it, you are responsible. Why blame someone else or expect them to solve it. It is quite clear that this is what would happen.

I have been asked about this feature thousands of times over the last 10 years. Just try a google groups search and see how many posts on this topic are there. Obviously people want it. So let them have it.