Another Teched Past

Well TechEd 2006 in Sydney has come and gone, leaving me with an overload of information and not enough time to try an implement most of it before I forget what I saw.

Which is why it was nice to score a set of DVD’s from the Boston Teched. I can watch these at my leisure, well whilst beating up non working ISA servers anyway.

I have a very interesting ISA 2006 server here on the bench at the moment. It will allow me to view every website in the world bar one. No matter what I try I can’t get to or any other google site for thast matter. Yes I tried .com and and still no joy.

My first thought was MS is blocking them for a joke. Had someone put a rule in their to kill google? Of course I knew that wouldn’t be the case, the lawsuits would be enormous. After a hour or two I just scrubbed it and reapplied the rules fresh. I can now get to google. Well I suppose it is still Beta but that was rather strange.

Yeah so back to TechEd 2006. It was the largest ever and the first time Australia has had more attendees that New Zealand. Now thats just downright weird, considering our relative sizes. I did a few shifts in the HOL’s and spent most of my time on the MVP booth getting photographs taken with visitor’s. (They got a prize for having their photo taken with an MVP). It was good to catch up with the usual suspects and have a few days off from my migration project at work.