Whitepages.com Malware

So I went to whitepages.com today and got drive by malware trying to load.

Looks like making money is more important to them than helping me find a number.


I chose cancel then it claims it is analysing my drive and finding porn. Amazing technology as the hard disk wasn’t being accessed.


Clicking on No has the same effect as clicking on Yes.


We will cancel the download and OneCare pops up a warning


They should call themselves dvrivebydrivecleaner.com.


I see Sandi has been aware of this for awhile.

5 thoughts on “Whitepages.com Malware”

  1. Btw, you and I both know that we can’t trust the label on a button, yes? You may click on “cancel” but it is the underlying code that decides what is happening.

    Things have got better since MS have made it harder if not impossible to generate chromeless windows (which means no fake X (close) buttons) but you still can’t trust that the buttons in the window itself will do what the label says it will do…

  2. Rod,

    You would think(hope) staying in business also requires being reputable!

    Whilst I am sure whitepages.com isn’t the purveyor they are responsible for the malware their website is dealing out.

    I think they need to look at who they get ads from.

  3. Sandi,

    I haven’t really got the time for a crusade 😉

    I have the screenshots though if you want them. I’ll put them up somewhere

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