Speaker Verification Activity for Speech Server 2007

Casey Chesnut has a great blog entry about creating custom speech activities in MSS 2007 and he shows how to do speaker identification. Once I do get some time I want to tryout his code.

He also has a really neat article on Workflow Foundation where he creates a neat little game using Speech Server 2007 and IM. That article has some interesting links but I’ll let you find them.

Casey is very talented and the only problem I have with him is that he seems to have more time to play with things like this than I do.

As for me I’m working on an article on the new PromptBuilder class in MSS 2007. Hopefully it will be ready for posting soon but first I have to finish figuring out some of the code as it isn’t well documented yet and then get approval from Microsoft to post it.

As usual I would like your feedback good or bad.

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