Message from Marshall

It seems that some people who work around me are under the impression that I’m “running” GotSpeech out of my cubicle at work while I am supposed to be working. I’ve also heard that I’m running this as a business and making money off of it.


None of that is true.


I have checked postings in the GotSpeech forums and have even answered them from work. However the forums are a source of information for me and are where I turn when I need help. I treat GotSpeech.Net forums no differently than I do the Microsoft newsgroups.  I think of both as a resource that I can turn to when I need something. In return for getting help I feel obligated to give help in return when I can.


However, I realize that perception is important and right or wrong it can be detrimental. In an effort to change that perception I am making the following changes in how I interact with GotSpeech.


From now on I will not be viewing or posting to GotSpeech during business hours. I will also not be replying to any emails relating to GotSpeech. If you need to get hold of me please direct the emails to I will answer emails and posts after hours. Please do not direct emails to my work address or expect responses from me until after business hours on the east coast.


I’m sorry that it had to come to this and I hope everyone will bear with me on this issue.




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