Two more Speech bloggers

I recently stumbled on to “Speaking Your Language” a new blog by Andrew Morris. Andrew lives in Liverpool, UK and is the managing director of Aeolian a consulting form that specializes in speech recognition. This is the second British venture into speech that I’ve encountered in recent weeks. The other is MUCUGUK that I reported on earlier.

The other blog belongs to Michael Dunn who is a consultant out of Minneapolis that seems to be really interested in speech. Michael recently spoke about Speech Server at an event in Edina, MN but he hasn’t blogged about how that went. I would love to hear the details or see the slides.

It’s really great to see more people blogging about Speech Server.

Andrew and Michael, if there is anything I can do to help you then don’t hesitate to contact me. The “gotspeech guy” is willing to do anything he can to help out.

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