My Apologies

GotSPeech.Net was down this morning for several hours due to an outage of some kind at our hosting facility. I still don’t have an explanation from them as to why we were down but I’m pressing them for one.


Please be assured that keeping GotSpeech up and available for the needs of our users is our number one priority. If this requires a change in hosting then that is what we will do. We have decided to be proactive and begin a search for new hosting as the outages we are experiencing (though not often) are more than we are willing to tolerate. So far the hosting has come out of my pocket but we do have some backing from some of our sponsors (some of whom have ads on the site). We will need to find a hosting facility that can give us reliable up time and fit within our budget.  


I’m sure we will be able to find a provider that can meet our criteria but we want to make sure we get the right one as we don’t want to move the site any more than necessary.


Thanks for your understanding and once again I offer my personal apology.

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