Vista Rocks but…

I’m still happy to be up on Vista but I did run into a few problems so I reinstalled Vista as a clean install instead of an upgrade.

I had Live Onecare on the box before the upgrade and Vista requires a different version that is still in beta but is scheduled to go live with the Vista Launch later this month. The beta won’t install without first uninstalling the previous version. No problem, right?

Wrong! For some reason the old version would not uninstall. I spent some time talking with Microsoft technical support but we were unable to get the uninstall to work.

I also had some problems with Daemon Tools. It wouldn’t run and wouldn’t uninstall. Don’t know why but it just wouldn’t.

Then I developed a problem with Outlook 2007. It would start, download one email then exit with an exception. Nothing I did fixed the problem. I finally decided that the problem had to do with the Vista upgrade. Upgrades are almost always problematic so I decided to bite the bullit and do a clean install. Yes I would loose some stuff but that was okay.  Some of the stuff was beta and had expired anyway. Besides the way developers load so much stuff on their machines its probably not a bad idea to wipe the drive every so often.

The new install went faster that the old one and about an hour and a half after starting I was up again. Next I reinstalled Office 2007 and configured Outlook. But the problem was still there. Now what? Well after attempting to start Outlook several times I noticed that it was downloading the same email each. Strange. So I brought up my browser and hi the web interface for my email. After deleting the emails using the web interface Outlook started working and has worked fine since. Maybe I didn’t need to reinstall after all.

My final step was to try and get my old email back. The install created a directory called Windows,old that had my old “Documents and Settings”  folders so it was a simple task to move the .pst file to the new Vista location.

I’ve still got some software to install the get everything back to normal but that is okay. It’s nice to have a clean hard drive and registry.

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