The gotspeech guy has a new Zune

My new Zune arrived yesterday and I am stoked. My son has had one since the first week they were available and I had to settle for his old IPod Nano. Not anymore. I’ve got my own Zune now.

The only problem is that I have 30 gigs to fill and that will take some time. I’ll try to at least get some Waylon Jennings on it tonight.

My first exposure to music was on LPs. Then came 8-Tracks and cassettes. Next I moved to CDs and each time technology improved I wittled down my library and only repurchased the stuff I liked. Now I’m excited about being able to take my music with me anywhere I go. I especially like the fact that the Zune has built in FM stereo so my listening opportunities are limitless.

From my first LP (Led Zeppelin IV) to my Zune – not bad for 35 years of technology growth.

Now that I’ve got a Zune does that mean I am hip and cool? Are those even the right words?

Nah, probably not. I’m just some old fart with a young person’s toy.

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