Gold Systems is hiring – come work with "the gotspeech guy"

As you know I have recently joined Gold Systems and I’m now into my third day on the new job. I was excited about working here but after spending a few days with the crew and finding out about all of the new stuff that they have going on I’m even more excited about working here. I love the atmosphere here and how they are so developer friendly. It’s been a long time since I last worked somewhere where the software (and the customer) were the main emphasis. The only negative has been the 3+ inches of snow that has fallen so far today. We don’t get much of that in Florida and the last time I was in snow was over 17 years ago.

Well, with all they have going on Gold Systems is hiring. This could be your opportunity to work with “the gotspeech guy” and a lot of other great people on some really great projects.

If you are interested then check out Terry’s blog entry for all of the details.

I’m unemployed

Well as of 4:00 PM this afternoon I’m unemployed. Starting Monday I will be the newest member of the Gold Systems team. I’ve been very busy setting up the home office and handling the knowledge transfer at Landstar. I had lots of meetings and wrote up lots of documentation trying to do a brain dump since I announced my resignation. I’m sure things could have gone better as I’ve accumulated lots of experiences, tidbits and trivia in 15 years at Landstar and it’s hard to think of everything in just two short weeks. I’m sure that there are things I forgot to tell them.

I want to thank Michael Dunn for stepping up and blogging while I’ve been so preoccupied.I’ve enjoyed reading his blog posts but I still haven’t finished the one I started just before I resigned. Hopefully I’ll get around to finishing it before too long. I may be without Internet access for a few days as my Comcast account transitions from Landstar over into my name. I’m hoping the cutover will go smooth but I’m not betting on it.

I leave Monday morning for Boulder Colorado where I’ll meet the rest of the team and start coming up to speed on what Gold Systems is doing plus figuring out what I will be doing. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone. I’m just hoping the weather behaves while I am there. We Florida boys don’t know much about driving on snow and ice.

the gotspeech guy has a new gig

I’m changing jobs at the end of the month. Effective 02/26 I’ll be the newest member of the Gold Systems development staff. Terry Gold and I have been exchanging emails for several months now on different subjects and I’m very impressed with what Terry has done with Gold Systems.

Posts like Values in the Boardroom and Think went a long way towards convincing me that this was a company I want to work for. When the opportunity came up to join the Gold Systems team I jumped at it.

The exciting part is that I will get to work for a company that is on the leading edge of speech technology. I’m also excited that they are cooperating with me in my speaking engagements. That means a lot to me as I am a big evangelist for Speech Server, Office Communications Server and the whole Unified Communications concept.

Gold Systems has a great bunch of developers and maybe I can get some of them blogging on GotSpeech.

Meet the "gotspeech guy"

I have a couple of personal appearances coming up in the next few months. If you can attend one of these then come on out. I would love to meet you.

  1. Office Communications Server – Orlando Code Camp – Orlando Fl – 03/24

  2. Microsoft MVP Summit – Seattle/Redmond Wa.

  3. Office Communications Server – Jacksonville Developers User Group – 04/04

  4. Office Communications Server TechEd – Orlando, FL – 6/2007 – This on isn’t final yet but Michael Dunn and I have submitted a session.


Microsoft Speech Server 2007 revealed.

Not long ago I did a blog post about “The NDA Curse” in which I lamented how tough it is to blog without talking about MSS 2007 or breaking some NDA (a total of 4) that I’m under. After a series of emails back and forth with the Speech Server group and performing some secret rituals we have managed to exorcise the curse.

So over the next few months I’ll be doing a series of blog entries unraveling the mysteries of Speech Server 2007. I’ll start the series by showing you a few screen shots and then I’ll follow-up with more info on the different tools in MSS 2007. I’ll discuss the different Workflow activities that make up the speech components and show some code that highlights the different features.

Everyone should know by now that Speech Server 2007 is Workflow based and produces managed code. It also can do VXML in addition to SALT and managed code. There is a new way to do grammars using the Conversational Grammar Builder (the old way still works) and there are some new reporting tools that allow you to see how your app is behaving and can even surface OOG conditions.

MSS 2007 is still in private beta and the appearance and features may change slightly before it goes live. With that said let’s take a look at the Visual Studio interface. As usual I’ve linked the images to larger views.

To build a speech application you need to  create a new project and select Speech Workflow Application.

After filling out the fields in the wizard you will end up with a new project that looks something like this:

It looks pretty cool doesn’t it? As you can see the wizard creates a project that has a striking resemblance to the MSS 2004 projects that we have all become used to. The project directories are laid out for you and the prompt database and grammar are created (if you selected that). Note though the two big changes, one on each side of the screen.

On the right hand side in the Solution Explorer you will see some new files that may be confusing to you. For example you may be wondering why there is an answerCall activity in the workflow but a file called Outbound.aspx in the solution. Every speech application will have this web page and it is used to kick off the speech app for debugging. I’ll discuss that some more later. If you look closely you will notice a file with the same name as the solution but with a .speax extension. Basically this is a new file type used by Speech Server at runtime to activate your application (simply put it points to your managed code). I’ll go into more details later when I walk you through coding, debugging and deploying the application.

On the left you see the new Speech Dialog Components. These are Windows Workflow Activities that you can use to build your speech app. Some of them should be obvious to you such as the two that were added to your workflow (in the center of the IDE) automatically. I’ll be covering the rest of the activities at a later date. You probably noticed that some of the activities have little red icons next to them. Well don’t worry, the red circles will be gone and the activities will have new icons by RTM. Below you can see a larger version of the toolbar.


Just for grins I thought I would also give you a look at the Administrative Console for Speech Server 2007. This is just to get you drooling and I’ll explain the interface when the time comes to deploy our application.

Well, I hope I have gotten you interested in Speech Server 2007 and crying out for more. I also hope that I haven’t misstated anything but be advised that some things may change slightly.

It really feels good to start blogging about this. As I told Stephen Potter this afternoon –

The cat is out of the bag….Long live the cat