Speech Server (2007) Forum

As Brandon and Michael have pointed out the beta for Office Communications Server 2007 Speech Server Forum is now public.

As prommised we have brought our forum for Speech Server 2007 on-line. Microsoft has newsgroups setup for getting help on the beta but we are making our forums available for your use also.

You can find the forum here http://gotspeech.net/forums/27/ShowForum.aspx

The “jump start” tutorial for Speech Server (2007) is being finished up and we should be making that available to you shortly. The code is ready and we are reviewing the text to make sure it is up to date with the new features. 

We are reviewing the private beta mailing list archive and we will be making some of the past emails to the list available to you.

This is all part of our desire to make GotSpeech the place to go for all of your Speech Server needs.

Bill Gate’s Keynote Address at the 2007 Microsoft MVP Global Summit

You should already know that I was recently at the MVP Summit in Seattle where Bill Gates did the keynote address. I thought you might like to know what he said to us as he had some interesting things to say. His comments about doing speech reco on vidio recordings were very interesting. If what he is predicting comes true then it’s really going to change how we interact with others in meetings, seek higher education and gather information.

You can read Bill’s keynote address here – http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/exec/billg/speeches/2007/03-13MVPSummit.mspx


Gold Systems Wins SpeechTEK West Best of Show Award

Gold Systems Password Reset product won a Best of Show award at the recent SpeechTEK West conference. It won in the Best Speech Self-Service Application category.

I’ve reviewd this application but I didn’t do any of the coding on it as it predates my employment with Gold Systems. However I’m sure I’ll be involved with it at some time in the future and I’m still excited about the award. You can read what Terry Gold has to say about the award here.

It’s exciting to work every day for a company like Gold Systems that is leading the way in Speech and Unified Communications.  Landstar won an award last year for an app that I wrote and I have been so blessed to work for such innovative and exciting companies. I just love speech development.

Microsoft MVP Global Summit 2007

Well Chris (my wife) and I got home late yesterday after a full day of air travel going from Seattle, WA to Jacksonville, FL. I really hate those long flights from coast to coast especially when going from west to east. We were up at 4:30 AM to make the flight and didn’t get into Jacksonville until 6:40 PM. A long day to end a long week,

We flew out to Seattle on Sunday and were there around 11:30. After getting settled in at the Westin we walked down to Pikes Place Market and did some sightseeing before having dinner back at the Westin.

Monday morning we met up with other MVPs and their spouses from Unified Communications group (OCS and Exchange) for a tour of underground Seattle before having a pizza group lunch back at the Westin. After that it was off to the Washington State Convention & Trade Center to check in for the Summit and check out the vendor exhibits.

Tuesday was highlighted by the keynote address given by Bill Gates. It was my first time to see him in person and I was very impressed with what he had to say. After the keynote he answered questions from the floor. The rest of the day was spent attending session highlighting Microsoft developer technologies and listening to their roadmap for the future.

Wednesday and Thursday were spend in small group sessions with the Office Communications Server 2007 product teams. The sessions were full of information as well as some Q&A time with the teams. We got to hear about their plans for what lies ahead as well as some good information on the new APIs and demos of the new phone hardware. There was even a dog food session where they explained what it was like to use the stuff internally.

Spread among all of the session over the 4 days were plenty of food and entertainment. There were also ample opportunities to meet other MVPs and catch up on what is happening with friends that you don’t get to see on an everyday basis. I got to spend some time hanging with the Florida MVPs which was great. I also got to meet Casey Chesnut and Shawn Wildermuth which was exciting for me as I read their blogs regularly. I kept looking for Bill Ryan but I guess he didn’t make it to the Summit this year. Or at least I never managed to hook up with him.

At the product group dinner on Wednesday evening I got to meet up with my old friends from the Speech Server Team and renew that friendship. Watch for some exciting news coming from that meeting (hopefully) in the near future.

On Friday Chris and I rented a car and went in search of waterfalls. Chris had gotten tired of the city so I thought that would be a good way to get her out into the country. It was her first visit to Seattle so I wanted here to see some of the things I have enjoyed on previous visits such as the Microsoft Campus and even the company store. She got to see both. We went to Snoqualmie Falls then had lunch in North Bend before taking a hike to Twin Falls and later visiting Weeks Falls.

After dinner overlooking the water at Cutters Bayhouse it was back to the hotel to pack and get ready for the trip home. It was an awesome trip and I learned a lot. Unfortunately there isn’t much I can talk about. It’s exciting to have friends on the product teams at Microsoft and have insight into things that are coming up in the months ahead but it can be frustrating when you can’t talk about what you know. Still, I wouldn’t trade my position for anything else. I love it. It’s great to be “the gotspeech guy“.




I’m at the Microsoft MVP Summit this week

I’m at the MVP Summit in Seattle/Redmond this week so my presence on GotSpeech will be limitted. On the bright side though I’ll have plenty of face-to-face time with the Speech Server and Office Communications Server teams this week. I’m looking forward to meeting those team members that I don’t already know as well as the other OCS MVPs.

For more information on the MVP Summit check out Sean O’Driscoll’s blog about the Summit. Sean is our fearless leader.

More info when I return.

Microsoft to release Speech Server 2007 as part of the OCS Public Beta

With the Public Beta release of OCS 2007, Microsoft will also release a Public Beta of Speech Server 2007.

In the last week of March everyone who registers for the OCS 2007 Public Beta will be able to download the Beta from the MSDN download center. You can already now pre-register for the Public Beta at http://www.microsoft.com/uc.

The release will include the runtime, as well as the tools and the language packs.

On that web site there also will be the other SDKs that ship with OCS, most interestingly the UC Managed API v1.0 on which SIP stack Speech Server is built. This API includes primarily the signaling APIs that talk SIP to the outside world.

Support for the Public Beta will be given through Microsoft’s UC Forums on microsoft.com. People from the Microsoft Product Group as well as MVPs and other Speech Server users will be able to assist people with questions.

On the release date GotSpeech.Net will formally open up our Speech Server 2007 forums for you to ask questions.

We will also post training course ware on how to write applications with the new software shortly after that date. Michael Dunn and I are working on that tutorial now and it will be made available as soon as we have all of the code ready.

These are exciting times for Speech Server developers and GotSpeech.Net will be here to guide you. GotSpeech.Net has been participating in the TAP release for Speech Server 2007 and we already have the expertise needed to assist you as you start using the new version.

Open Invitation to Jacksonville Area Businesses

Microsoft Business Division President Jeff Raikes announced the upcoming public beta of Office Communications Server 2007 and and gave his prediction that voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) along with other upcoming Microsoft Office System products will reduce the costs and frustrations of workplace communications.

You can hear what he has to say here and see a short demo of Unified Communications in action at this link.

You may be confused about what the terms “Unified Messaging”, “Unified Communications” or “Office Communications Server 2007” really mean. What has happened to Speech Server? What does all of this mean to me and my business or enterprise? How can I improve communications within my company? How can I avoid playing phone tag?

To answer these questions and others I’m offering my services to businesses in the Jacksonville area. I would be glad to answer your questions and demonstrate to you what Unified Communications can do for you. If you would like a presentation on the future of communications in the workplace then email me or call me at (904) 342-6205.