"Marshall" back at Landstar? – too weird to be true

I got an email today that started like this:

This will sound strange, but a new Martial will be filling the vacant IVR position at Landstar.  I’m very excited about the possibilities.  It looks like I’ve got some big shoes to fill.  ….

Yes that’s right my old position is being filled by someone with the same name as me (though spelled differently). I called my old boss Dave and accused him of missing me so much that he had to hire someone with the same name as me. Or maybe he did it so as to not confuse himself. 🙂

Regardless of the reason I bet it will feel weird having someone there with my name in my old job.

I wish Martial well and hope to see him around GotSpeech. Don’t worry about the “big shoes”. I’m not that good, I just have a good PR department (me).

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