Odds and Ends

I have been so busy lately with work and some personal stuff (i.e. surgery) that I haven’t been able to blog much this month. I have several things going on but none are developed far enough to make a complete blog posting so I thought I would just throw out some odds and ends.

I recently blogged about GotSpeech Central and showed you some images of it. I now have the other development server in place and working. I had to add a sound card to it and a separate video card so that I could run the dual monitors. I spoke with Dell tech support about the video card (as well as a RAID issue) and their response is that it wouldn’t be supported. They had never tried it and weren’t sure if it would work or not so they caved and said “non supported”. Well I’m happy to report that it works just fine.

I also blogged about looking for bloggers and I’ve added two new bloggers as a result. Brian has already introduced himself and the other new blogger (you know who you are) should be blogging soon.

I recently started back up the GotSpeech Activity Library Project but with everything going on we haven’t made much progress yet. I have two weeks off over the holidays next month so I hope to get this well on track during that time. We are still looking for suggested activities and other contributors. Just email me or leave a comment in the blog.

The AudioCodes MP-114 is partially working with some help from Kevin Wolf. We exchanged emails about the setup as he was going through the same problems I was. Kevin even let me into his gateway to poke around. Unfortunately his email server and my email server aren’t talking at the moment so it is hard to keep in touch for follow up. I’ve got inbound calls working and going to my Speech Server. I’ve got outbound calls working using X-Lite but I haven’t attempted outbound from Speech Server yet. I still need to get it to allow me to answer the phone instead of immediately sending it to Speech Server. I really only want it to go there if I don’t answer the phone.  AudioCodes tech support has not replied to my problem and it has been almost two months now. With support like that I can’t recommend the product. So if you AudioCodes people are reading this then contact me. I would love to hear your side of the story.

In early December I’ll be going to a Unified Communications Voice Ignite event in Orlando. I’m really looking forward to that as I want to expand my knowledge base and reach. Plus my boss has said that he wants me to get better grounded in the whole OCS platform (or should that be UC platform?). I don’t know if this event is open to everyone or just partners etc.

Well, that’s sort of what is going on around here. As you can probably guess I’ve been going in too many directions just like some of you. Answering the questions in the forums, newsgroups and the ones that come directly to me have kept me pretty busy. I really wish I had more time to just experiment and play with Speech Server and the rest of the OCS pieces. As it is now I get to use Live Meeting and Communicator but I don’t get to dive as deep into them as I would like. Still, I just keep plugging away at it. That is the best that any of us can do.

Tuning and Reporting Whitepaper

Albert just pointed this whitepaper out to me so I thought I would share it with you. It shows how to use the Analytics and Tuning Studio and it goes into lots more detail than the documentation. It should answer most of your questions.


I’ve used the Analytics And Tuning Studio but is hows a lot of details and I sometimes get bogged down in the details. This helped clear up a few questions that I had.


GotSpeech Central

I’ve seen other bloggers do this so I thought it would be interesting to blog about my home office. This is where I run GotSpeech from and where I do the development work for Gold Systems as welll as any side projects that I have.

I have a room dedicated for an office that includes my computers, a television and a couch that folds out into a bed (for those really late night coding sessions).

Note – you can click the images for a better view.


The first image is an overview of the workstation that takes up the corner of the room. It kind of gives you a panoramic of what I stare at for too many hours each day. And yes I know there is a mess of wires under the desk but there is a lot of stuff to connect and power up.


This image shows the desk better. Below the desk on the left is a Dell running  Windows 2003 Server. It and the Dell laptop (running Xp-Pro) setting above it belong to Gold Systems and are used for developing applications. Below the desk on the right hand side is my Gateway PC running Vista. It has 4 gigs of memory and is my main office machine used for GotSpeech and all of my personal stuff in addition to developing OCS 2007 Speech Server applications.

On top of the desk going from left to right you will find an AudioCodes MP114 VoIP Gateway on the riser at teh far left. Scattered around the desk (literally) are my monitors. On the left is a 19″ monitor waiting to be hooked up to the new Dell server that is expected to arrive in the next week or so. In the middle is a 22″ monitor and to the right is another 19″ that is always hooked up as the second monitor on the Vista box. The 22″ monitor is controlled by an KVM switch and is switchable between all of the computers. This gives me dual monitors for Vista. A second monitor to go with the laptop’s built in screen and it is the only monitor hooked to the Dell server on the floor. The new server will have dual monitors as it will utilize the 19″ on the left and the 22″ monitor.

Not seen behind the monitor on the left is my Linksys N wireless router and a separate 8 port hub. The silver box to the right of the monitor is a 250gig USB hard drrive used for backups and archiving. Also not clearly visible is another 80gig USB drive, a Vonage line and several UPS devices (3 + a new one awaiting the new server) for backup power. I cna power all of my critical systems for about 90 minutes. A networked Brother MFC-440CN all-in-one printer and several phones finish out my setup

So there you have it. This is where I spend most of my time. And in case you are getting any ideas all of this stuff is protected by an monitored alarm system, a vicious dog and several firearms of various calibers.

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour and I would love to hear about your setup.