On the Road Again

Well, the GotSpeech Guy is traveling again this week. I’m headed up to Columbia SC on business for a few days so if you are in that area then shoot me an email and maybe we can hook up.

This will be my second week in a row on the road and I was only home for the weekend. It’s tiring but once this week is over I’ll be on 2 weeks vacation during the holidays and I’ll get the chance to rest up (that means play with Speech Server).

I won’t be as active in the forums while I’m gone but there are still a lot of smart people around to keep things going. I really like the community that we have developed here and the way everybody pitches in to help.

See ya…

Microsoft’s Unified Communications (UC) Voice Ignite

I will be out next week as I’ll be attending the Unified Communications Voice Ignite event in Orlando Florida. That is only about 130 miles from my house so I’ll drive down Sunday afternoon and drive home late Friday evening. I’m really looking forward to this as I learned a lot at the Ignite event I attended in San Francisco last March.

The thought of spending time away for the normal work stuff and doing a really deep dive into Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 and Microsoft Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging (UM) really has me excited. These are things that I mess around with but not things that I get to work with every day and so spending 5 days with this stuff is going to be a great experience.

You can read more about the event here and here. These events are invitation only but I hope to see some of you there. While I was searching the Internet looking for “Ignite” references I stumbled onto some new blogs and hopefully I’ll be able touch base with those guys while we are all there.

Looking for some Speech Server work?

My friend Ken Stauffer is looking for someone to help out with some OCS 2007 Speech Server development. He is a little short handed  and needs someone on a part time basis either working on site or remotely.

They are looking for help developing both outbound and inbound applications and they would like someone with experience. You can reach him at Ken Stauffer.


I first met Ken and his wife when we were all in Redmond for the Speech Server 2007 TAP kickoff back in May of 2005. Ken has been involved with OCS 2007 Speech Server since the very beginning and I think he would be great to work with. So if you are interested then give him a shout.

Call Center Performance


While cruising around looking at speech related blogs I stumbled across this comment over at the Wireless Speech blog

Our reader’s comment’s 2nd segment reads:
And while the technology may be advancing quickly, for the common person, they don’t seem to use it for much, and if they do use it, say on a cell phone or call center, it’s hardly flowing speech recognition and is often a pain or at best, more timely.
How right you are!
An excellent piece about what really goes on with “voice over cell phone” can be found here in a post by a_chameleon, one of the Team members.
As to call center IVR performance, before we comment to that we’ve sent emails to
Terry Gold and Marshall Harrison who are without doubt the leading experts on Microsoft Speech Servers and related IVR matters.

I realize I’ve been very busy lately but I don’t remember the email they are referring to. If anyone from Wireless Speech reads this please email me. I would love to talk with you about this subject.