OCS 2007 Planning Tool

I know some of you are struggling to figure out server roles, the amount of capacity,  the topology and other specifics of how to install OCS 2007 in your enterprise. Well hang in there a little longer because help is on the way.

For the last month or so I’ve been playing with a new Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 Planning Tool. It is a limited beta (or maybe it’s technically a pre-beta) but the tool has been awesome. It provides links to the the proper technical documents from TechNet along with links to the OCS Homepage, downloads and FAQ.

To use the tool you simply answer a series of question about the number of users in your organization, your archiving needs, whether or not you want federation or outside access and if you have multiple sites. It also wants to know if you will be doing things like on-premise web conferencing or enterprise voice as well as the number of calls per hour. Once you have answered all of the questions it give you a  list of needed equipment along with a topology map to get you started. It will also link you to the necessary documents to implement your plan.

This screen shot below will give you an idea of what the results look like.


Note: The interface and features may change before the tool is released.

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