Speech Technology write-up on bridgeSpeak

I first heard of brigeSpeak a little over two years ago when I met Jon Poploskie at a Microsoft TAP event For speech Server 2007 (it’s come a long way since October 2005). Jon and I became friends and have stayed in touch ever since and his company was one of the early supporters of GotSpeech.  He recently sent me a link to a Speech Technology article about the Speech Server application that brigeSpeak has developed.

Since I’ve been blogging about showcasing applications developed with Speech Server I though it would be good to mention the bridgeSpeak article. You can read all about it here – http://www.speechtechmag.com/Articles/Editorial/Deployments/Automotive-Auto-Attendants-41418.aspx

Attending MVP Summit

It’s less that 12 hours now before I leave for the Microsoft 2008 MVP Global Summit so my participation on GotSpeech will be limited  next week as I will simply be too busy to get Internet access.

But the best thing about GotSpeech is that it doesn’t really need me. The site has grown so that there are many knowledgeable speech developers that are always available to answer your questions.


So keep posting and I’ll see you when I get back.

Announcing the GotSpeech Speech Server Showcase.

My recent post on what Microsoft must do to grow Speech Server created quite a stir. I think some people may have taken what I had to say the wrong way. I always have been and still am fully dedicated to Speech Server and its future. I’ve seen what is in store for OCS and Speech Server over the next couple of releases and it is exciting. There are good times ahead. Though I’m confident of the future I still think there are some things that can be done now and that is what I was trying to get across.

There are a lot of Speech Server applications (both 2004 & 2007) in production around the world taking and making thousands of call a day. What I want to do is to highlight those applications and make the world aware of where and how Speech Server is being used. To do that I will be standing up a Speech Server Showcase page as part of GotSpeech.net.

The showcase will allow companies and developers to highlight the applications that they have created using any version of Speech Server. To do this I will be collecting information over the next month while I get things up and ready. So if you want to be included and highlight your application then please email or send me the information below. I know some companies may not want to disclose all of this information but they can just disclose what they are comfortable with.

  1. Customer name
  2. What the app does
  3. A sample call flow recording
  4. The version of Speech Server used
  5. Who created and maintains the app
  6. Some call statistics – i.e. how many calls per hour or per day
  7. A small write up with anything you want to add about the app

To get things rolling I’m going to mention that Gold Systems has a demo line where you can interact with the applications that we have. That demo number is 866-212-4254. If you are knew to Speech Server then you can call the number and interact with the Help Desk app, the V-Dialer and the PassWord Reset apps. This is not meant to be an advertisement for Gold Systems but I do know this number and am familiar with it so I’m using to to jump start things.*

Some people think that no one is using Speech Server and I know that is not true – there are literally thousands of applications out there either in production or in development.

This is your chance to do something to help promote Speech Server. Don’t pass it up – send me the info and get your app into the Speech Server Showcase when it goes live.


*GotSpeech.net is completely independent and is not controlled by Gold Systems nor is it a marketing tool for Gold Systems . I am proud to be employed by Gold Systems but I make the decisions about the content on GotSpeech. While I may from time to time endorse something from different companies the fact still remains that I make the decisions and I can’t be bought – GotSpeech will always be an independent voice for Speech Server.

Microsoft 2008 MVP Global Summit

The week of April 13 – 17 I’ll be in Seattle for the 2008 MVP Global Summit. The Summit is a four day invitational event for Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) and Regional Directors (RDs) The Summit gives us a chance to:

  • Connect with other MVPs and RDs
  • Engage with Microsoft product managers
  • Provide valuable feedback directly to Microsoft on its products and technologies.

The highlights this year include:

  • Event closing technical discussion by Ray Ozzie, Microsoft chief software architect
  • Keynote by Steve Ballmer, Microsoft chief executive officer 
  • Deep technical sessions by competency
  • Cross-competency electives
  • Highly dynamic and interactive sessions, designed based on Open Space Technology, where you’ll be able to define topics, attend, or even host
  • Additional activities designed to promote networking and meet attendees’ diverse informational and business needs

So in my best effort to “be there” for you guys I’m soliciting a list of questions you would like me to ask. I can’t guarantee that I will be able to get answers for all of your questions and certainly not going to guarantee that you will be happy with the answers I do get. But GotSpeech exists to serve your needs and I’ll try my best to get you the answers you need (and deserve).

So if you have a question (or feedback) then post it as a comment to this blog entry or email me directly.