Yesterday at GotSpeech

I’ve been noticing that the amount of activity on the forums has been increasing with lots of new posters. That is encouraging as it means the new people are trying out Speech Server. Interest in Speech Server is building and that is good for all of us.

One of the things I do quite often is look at he stats towards the bottom of the Forums page. Yesterday when I looked this is what I saw –

GotSpeech Stats

5 new threads, 50 new posts and 13 new users in a 24 hour period. That is the sign of an active and thriving community. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributes to this community.

It just goes to prove what Ive been telling everyone – GotSpeech is the place to go for information on OCS 2007 Speech Server.

Tech-Ed 2008 Days 3 & 4

The last two days of Tech-Ed went pretty quick though I was getting pretty tired towards the end. The crowds were also down some on Friday as some people evidently headed home (or took the day off). Thursday I worked the OCS labs again and on Friday I was back in the MVP lounge.

Both days were good for Speech Server developers as there were sessions both days by Albert Kooiman and Michael Dunn. They did a great job of presenting with some “hints” as to what the future holds for us speech developers. They also put together a couple of apps and answered questions from the audience.

I was excited that the GotSpeech forums and the E-Learning got mentioned both sessions. I also met with several members of the audience and answered questions as well as did some public relations for GotSpeech. I spoke with several of the publishers and training companies in the vendor area about writing a book or developing some training courses. I will have to followup on those after I get back from the second week of Tech-Ed.

I am still working on getting the slides and code from the Speech Server sessions but that may take a few weeks. I also spoke with the OCS team about getting some Microsoft support for the SAPI forums on GotSpeech as well as starting up some OCS related forums. We are still in the early stages of talking about this and I’ll let you know if things work out.

While I was there I met Kent Layher who has built a neat little app for phones. It’s not exactly speech reco but his Memic List shows some creative thinking. I wish him luck in his marheting efforts.



Tech-Ed 2008 Day 2

Nothing for Speech Server on day 2.

In the morning I worked the MVP area of the Community Lounge. I had the opportunity to meet lots of people (some MVPs ans some former MVPs) and talk about the benefits of the MVP program. I love meeting people so the morning passed quickly.

After lunch I hung out in the OCS labs even though I wasn’t officially on duty. Then in the evening I had dinner with the OCS Team members that are attending this week. I didn’t get back to the hotel until 11:30 so it was a long day. 

I did talk with the team about improving communications with the field and clearing up some of the confusion.

I also got a favorable response to hosting the slides and code from the sessions. Nothing is final yet but I’m still hoping.

Today will have more Speech Sserver sessions so I’ll report on them later.


Tech-Ed 2008 Day 1

Well day 1 is over with now and it was quite exciting. There are about 6,000 developers in attendance here in Orlando and they all seem excited.

The day opened with Bill Gates doing the keynote address and he actually mentioned Speech Server. That was exciting and to make things even more exciting – there are sessions on Speech Server.

I spent the morning working in the OCS Learning Center talking with people about OCS and demoing the different components. I always find it fascinating how you can move so seamlessly from one component of OCS to another. Being able to right click in Office Communicator and share a document with someone that you are IM’ing with is awesome. Demoing the VOIP phones and Roundtable video conferencing really impresses people.

There are a lot of UC/OCS sessions as usual but one of the sessions I attended in the Unified Communications track actually demoed Speech Server. The speaker wrote a small Speech Server app and then illustrated the debugger.

Another speaker demoed an add-in for Visual Studio and Team Server that used presence to notify a manager when a piece of code was checked in. There was also a component that would notify the manager if a build failed. It used the UCMA to check the manager’s presence and if they were off line it would have Speech Server handle the notification via a phone call. I got several ideas for things I could do with presence and voice apps frm today’s session.

There are more Speech Serve sessions later in the week and I’ll be there ready to promote GotSpeech and Speech Server. I’ll also be ready to voice my opinions and hopefully clear up some of the problems you have encountered.

I’m not sure who controls the content but I’m going to see if they will let me host the sessions on GotSpeech so that you can view them. I don’t know if they will buy into that or not but I’m going to try.

I’ll blog again later this week as the Speech Server related sessions occur.

Tech-Ed 2008

The GotSpeech Guy will be at Tech-Ed in Orlando for the next two weeks. You can find me in the Office Communications Server Learning Lab or in the MVP Area of the Community Lounge each morning. During the second week I’ll also be at the Gold Systems exhibit in the afternoons.

So if you are attending Tech-Ed please stop by, introduce yourself and say hello. I would love to meet you and talk about Speech Server.