3 Years Isn’t As Long As It Used To Be

No wonder I feel like I’m getting old so fast. I just realized that it only takes about 17 months to age 3 years.

In April of 2007 Cisco was touting their 3 year lead on Microsoft in Unified Communications. Well it looks like that 3 year lead has vanished and Cisco seems to have decided that they may be going about things all wrong. Check out this post on the Office Communications Server team blog.

And while we are talking about Cisco you should know that they just announced last week that they are acquiring Jabber.

Fun times are ahead for Speech Server and OCS. Those of you that are developing on these platforms are on the leading edge of a revolution in how call centers and data centers will communicate in the near future.


Our SAPI forums are are getting busier and it looks like there are lot of developers new to desktop speech development.

So I thought it would be a good time to blog this link – http://blogs.msdn.com/speech/default.aspx. there is some good stuff there.


If you are into SAPI programming please tell your friends about our forums and encourage them to visit. I want to grow the SAPI part of GotSpeech.Net. I’m looking for someone to blog about SAPI so if you are interested or know of someone then let me know.