Migrating MSS 2004 SALT app to OCS Speech Server 2007

I’ve been involved lately with migrating a large SALT app written in Speech Server 2004 R2 over to an OCS SALT application. It has been fun but I got a feel for all of the changes that have occurred in the .Net Framework.

The approach that I took was to backup the code then open the project in VS 2005 and let the automatic conversion take place. This was a good starting point but that was all it was. One of the things that frustrated me was that it when I did a build I didn’t get errors but when I opened some of the pages the SALT components wouldn’t display and gave me errors. I quickly tracked that down and discovered that it was a simple matter of update the .aspx to reflect the newer version of Microsoft.Speech.Web (Version=2.0.3400.0). There was also some code methods that had changed and some other stuff. I’ll admit that I was aggravated when the conversion didn’t just update the version number for me but I guess the conversion wizard is just a Visual Studio wizard and isn’t aware of Speech Server.

After getting this conversion well under way I found this link “Migrating Applications to Speech Server“. The article does a great job of explaining your options for migrating and even explains why you should consider migrating existing SALT apps over to OCS 2007 Speech Server.

Odds and Ends:

I’ve also been very busy with some other things (and actually learning something in the process) so I haven’t been as active on GotSpeech as I would like but I’m back now. I have some catching up to do with the forum postings but I’m going to make hanging out here on the site a priority.

One of the things that kept me busy was dealing with some site issues. The database had grown to over 500 MB and so I had to do some purging of the database and then shrink it to get things back to where they should be. One of the results of this (besides saving me some added hosting costs) is been that the site’s response time has improved.

I am grateful that during my absence there have been other members that have picked up the slack and shared their expertise by answering posts in the forums. I want extend my thanks to all who contribute