GotUC.Net is live now

It has been almost 2 years since I first announced my intentions of standing up GotUC.Net as a sister site to GotSpeech.Net. I am surprised that it took this long but the dream I had then has finally come true. But, that time lapse has been put to good use. My original vision has was for a general site centered around OCS deployment. But the more I looked at other sites and the more I thought about this I came to some realizations:

  • I’m a developer
  • there is no real place to go on the Internet for developers looking for OCS information
  • these are similar to the reasons I started GotSpeech

So, GotUC.Net will be an OCS developer oriented site. It will concentrate on the core APIs of OCS. I’ve got several well known names lined up to help in the forums and the blogs. I won’t list names yet but these guys really know the OCS APIs inside and out and if you have been around OCS you will recognize them

As i said, GotUC will be devoted to programming at the lowest levels. No fluff on how to install OCS or questions on how many mediation servers are needed. We will concentrate on developing applications that take advantage of the Unified Communications Application Programming Interfaces that Microsoft provides to the developer. You will find forums for UCMA 2.0, the OC Automation API, the UCC API, the CWA AJAX API and UCMA Workflow. In addition there will ne several Wikis and downloads available to assist developers. I’m still fine tuning the interface and smoothing out some rough spots but it is functional

So if you are the type of person that likes to go deep beneath the hood and get your hands dirty working on the internals or you are interested in developing some new whiz-bang application for Office Communications Server then this is the site for you.


New Unified Communications Programming Book

Rui Maximo has a new book titled Programming for Unified Communications (Pro-Developer) coming out later this year. I’ve been a reviewer for some of the chapters and I am really excited about this book. There are several other authors – Chris Mayo, Oscar Newkirk, Albert Kooiman, Kyle Marsh, Tim Toyoshima and Vishwan Ranyan. I’m impressed by the talent represented here (I know several of them). This will be a must purchase for me when it comes out.

I have been a fan of Rui’s writing since I got his Office Communications Server 2007 Resource Kit. Actually I have two copies. One I have marked up and use often and the other is an autographed copy that is pristine.

Oh, the cover shown on Amazon is not the final cover.

Microsoft 2009 Global Summit

I’ll be in Redmond next week for the MVP Summit so my presence here on GotSpeech will be limited. That’s ok though because you don’t really need me. The community can run itself without me as we have many knowledgeable people hanging out here and answering questions.

The Summit is a four day invitational event for Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) and Regional Directors (RDs) The Summit gives us:

  • A chance to –
    • Connect with other MVPs and RDs
    • Engage with Microsoft product managers
    • Provide valuable feedback directly to Microsoft on its products and technologies.
  • Deep technical sessions by competency
  • Cross-competency electives
  • Highly dynamic and interactive sessions
  • Additional activities designed to promote networking and meet attendees’ diverse informational and business needs

It is a very enjoyable time as I’ll get to reconnect with friends inside Microsoft as well as with other MVPs. I’ll be spending lots of time with the other OCS MVPs. We all stay in touch via email but it will be great to have some face time. And while you may be thinking it will all be fun and games I can assure you that it will also be tiring – the days run from around 6:30 AM and go until 10:00 or 11:00 PM.

For more information check out this link

Office Communication Server 2007 R2 launch event today!

Office Communication Server 2007 R2 launch event is almost here –  Tuesday, Feb 3rd, 2009 at 9:30 Pacific Time.

You can watch a LIVE Keynote hosted by Stephen Elop, President Microsoft Business Division, focusing on Microsoft’s vision and momentum in enterprise communications, with customer stories and product demonstrations.

The virtual event experience will be available at

The site is packed with lots of useful and entertaining content:

• Discover the new product capabilities in the Product Discovery area.
• Visit the Breakout Sessions area to get a deeper understanding of the product.
• Watch customer stories in the Case Studies area to hear firsthand accounts of the momentum.
• Learn about our Sponsors in the Partner Pavilion and see the opportunities for your company.
• Download product, partner and case study collateral through an electronic Backpack.
• Sign up for a 5 Day Trial of Office Communications Server 2007 R2 with no server installation!

See you there.

UCMA 2.0 SDK and Language Pack (12 langs) Downloads



UCMA 2.0 SDK – 32 bit

UCMA 2.0 SDK – 64 bit

Speech Language Packs (12 langs)