GotUC.Net is live now

It has been almost 2 years since I first announced my intentions of standing up GotUC.Net as a sister site to GotSpeech.Net. I am surprised that it took this long but the dream I had then has finally come true. But, that time lapse has been put to good use. My original vision has was for a general site centered around OCS deployment. But the more I looked at other sites and the more I thought about this I came to some realizations:

  • I’m a developer
  • there is no real place to go on the Internet for developers looking for OCS information
  • these are similar to the reasons I started GotSpeech

So, GotUC.Net will be an OCS developer oriented site. It will concentrate on the core APIs of OCS. I’ve got several well known names lined up to help in the forums and the blogs. I won’t list names yet but these guys really know the OCS APIs inside and out and if you have been around OCS you will recognize them

As i said, GotUC will be devoted to programming at the lowest levels. No fluff on how to install OCS or questions on how many mediation servers are needed. We will concentrate on developing applications that take advantage of the Unified Communications Application Programming Interfaces that Microsoft provides to the developer. You will find forums for UCMA 2.0, the OC Automation API, the UCC API, the CWA AJAX API and UCMA Workflow. In addition there will ne several Wikis and downloads available to assist developers. I’m still fine tuning the interface and smoothing out some rough spots but it is functional

So if you are the type of person that likes to go deep beneath the hood and get your hands dirty working on the internals or you are interested in developing some new whiz-bang application for Office Communications Server then this is the site for you.


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