Microsoft UC Developer Survey

Microsoft is asking UC developers to take a quick survey to better get to know its developer audience, carried out by Frost and Sullivan.

For example, what applications have been developed, what other communications tools besides Microsoft’s unified communications products (like Microsoft Office Communications Server, Microsoft Office Communicator and Microsoft Exchange) you have been using, and most importantly, what Microsoft could do to better help the community?

In order to get a better insights Microsoft engaged Frost and Sullivan, an independent third party, to conduct a Unified Communications Developer survey.

If you are a developer of unified communications applications such as OCS and Communicator, please take 15 minutes and fill out this survey:

When you click the link you will be directed to a secured site hosted by Frost and Sullivan that will allow you to fill out the survey. It requires cookies to be enabled to work correctly.

Please note that Frost and Sullivan will keep all your individual responses confidential and anonymous.

Based on the data collected in the survey, Microsoft hopes to develop a set of activities to provide better assistance to you in building great enterprise solutions on the Microsoft Unified Communications platform.

Of course we will keep you posted on such activities via this blog.

Speech Server (2007) 64 bit April roll-up also available for download now!

The x64 link for the April roll-up fixes for Speech Server 2007 is now included. So finally 64-bit developers can fix the red-crosses error, caused by the SP1 of .NET, or get back results from a VoiceXML subdialog. You can now set InterDigitTimeout on the DTMF recognizer for VoiceXML apps  so you VXML developers should be happy. It also fixes a couple of other thigs but you can read about them yourself at the link below.

Go to for the download.


Help Shape the Future of Speech Server

As you might have noticed there are practically no speech tools yet in the UCMA 2.0 Speech SDK apart from some basic classes.

Currently Microsoft is prioritizing which tools to make available in the Wave ‘14’ release of OCS/UCMA, at which time the Speech Server functionality should become an integral part of the UC platform.

Microsoft would like to solicit the feedback from the Community on how to prioritize which tools to build and ship for Telephony Speech (for Desktop Speech, please check out the Windows Vista Dictation Resource Kit)

This is specifically about the speech recognition and speech synthesis tools and not about the dialog languages, like VoiceXML and Windows Workflow. UCMA 2.0 shipped with basic UC Workflow Activities including speech, and currently the Speech Server (2007) VoiceXML 2.1 browser is ported to the UCMA API and this browser will be released in the future.

Using the comment tool, could you please distribute $100 in value across the following tools we are considering to build/release, with $0 being not important at all, and any value above $0 giving it a relative value increasing with importance. You can just copy the table below into a comment or if you prefer you can just copy and email it to me – I’ll see that it gets to the right parties.



Relative value to you out of $100 total


Grammar Static Analyzer


Syntax checking

Grammar Static Analyzer


Grammar cop like in Speech Server (2007) (detecting OOV utterances)

Grammar Dynamic Analyzer


Simulator to measure grammar changes effect on the basis of existing log files

Custom Pronunciation Tool (text)


Create custom pronunciations

Custom Pronunciation Tool (audio)


Generate pronunciations from audio

Lexicon Editing Tool (app)


Tool to edit custom application lexicon

Lexicon Editing Tool (master)


Ability to edit the Microsoft provided master lexicon

Prompt Editor


Edit and align prompts in prompt database for prompt engine

Prompt Database


Store prompts, ability to check missing prompts and do version control

Prompt Engine


Concatenative prompt engine

Speech Synthesis Prompt Sculpting


Tool to edit TTS pronunciations

Custom TTS Voice Tool


Tool to create your custom TTS voice

Visual Grammar Editor


Visual SRGS grammar editor

Statistical Grammar compiler


Tool to import transcriptions and create a statistical language model from those

Conversational Grammar Engine


Conversational grammar engine like in Speech Server (2007)

Conversational Grammar Builder


Conversational grammar builder like Speech Server (2007)

Transcription Tool


Tool to transcribe and annotate the logs in a consistent manner

Log Analysis Tools


Analyze log files to see hit rates and success metrics for dialog states like in Speech Server (2007)

Offline Recognition Tool


Ability to read wave files and measure recognition rates

ASR Analysis tools


Measures word error rates, sentence error rates, etc.

Other – please specify


As per Microsoft’s default policy, this posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

Many thanks in advance for your feedback.

New Speech Site

Microsoft has launched the Microsoft Speech Technologies Development Center.

Lots of good stuff there as well as links to Speech Team Blogs and even a link to GotSpeech.

Be sure you check out the consolidated downloads page – its one of the tabs at the top of the page.

There is another speech site coming soon and I’ll blog about it when it goes live.

Plus look for some great news coming out of GotUC.Net in the next couple of weeks. Its huge and I don’t think there has ever been a developer community effort like this before.

Check it out and let me know what you think.