Jacksonville Code Camp this Saturday

Just a reminder that JAXDUG’s Jacksonville Code Camp will be this Saturday and it is looking like it will be the largest one in Florida.

By the Numbers:

Registered Attendees: 509

Sessions: 39

Speakers: 39

MVPs: 12

Plus several Microsoft employees and nationally know authors and speakers. I’m looking at the speaker list on the web site and then over at my book case and I’m amazed at how many speaker names I’m finding on the books I have.

This will be our largest code camp (our 5th one) and I’m looking forward to speaking (about Speech Server of course) and touching base with guys I haven’t seen in a while. Not bad for a free event.

See you there.

New Development Box Project

Since I work for myself now I’ve been giving more thought to my development platform and strategies for keep different client projects separate. I had lunch last week with fellow MVP Andrew Connell. AC described for me a custom virtualization server that he built for his SharePoint  projects. The more I listened the better the idea seemed.

So I set out to build a machine like the one AC has. My goals were to create a machine that would allow me to run several virtual machines at once. Another goals is to be able to run the VHDs for OCS 2007 R2 so the machine has to support Windows Server 2008  and Hyper-V. I want to spend some time developing and IVR app with UCAM 2.0 so this will be my development platform for that. I also want to spin up each consulting client on a dedicated VM – this will allow me to keep client systems separate and cut down on conflicts. It also allows me to install client required software without impacting other clients or my base machine.

Like Andrew I have a dedicated room in my house for my office, my servers and my media gateways along with my network hardware. This machine has to be quiet as I will be working just a few feet away from the server. I make audio recordings for Speech Server Applications and I’ll be hosting web training so  I need something that doesn’t sound like a jet airplane taking off.

What I decide on was to just follow AC’s blueprint as he has already done the legwork and worked out all of the kinks. He has been running his server for several months and is very happy with it. So taking his lead the machine will look like this –


Motherboard ASUS DSEB-DG



CPUs Intel Quad Core Xeon E5410 2.33Ghz (quantity 2) manufacturer


CPU Heat Sinks Thermalright HR-01-X manufacturer store
Memory Crucial 8GB kit FBDIMM DDR2-800 (each kit = 2x 4GB modules; quantity 4 kits for 32GB) manufacturer


Drives Seagate 7200.11 1TB – 7200RPM 32MB SATA 3.0G manufacturer store
Power Supply Thermaltake Toughpower W0132RU 1000 watt manufacturer store
Case Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 manufacturer store
RAM Heat Sinks Thermaliright HR-07-H and HR-07-L (4 ea.) manufacturer store


I have already obtained everything but the motherboard, CPUs and the heat sinks and I’ll order them next week. Once all the parts get here I’ll start putting this baby together (with considerable help from Andrew). If you are curious as to what it looks like you can read more about AC’s project in his Creating a Custom Virtualization Rig with Microsoft’s Hyper–V article.

My goal is to retire some of the machines I already have in the office and do all of my work using the VMs. I’m still deciding on what tools I’ll install but I want to be able to easily clone and needed development platform. I’ll post more when I get further along on the project.

I’ll clean off my Vista box then upgrade to to Windows 7 and use it for email, MSS Office and things like browsing the Internet. I’ll also use it to RDP into the VMs running on the virtualization server. The Win 2003 Server I’m currently using will either get retired or become my production Speech Server platform

I’m excited about this project but I would like to hear about your development environment or any suggestions you may have for things that I should consider for this project.