The Future of GotSpeech.Net

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the future of GotSpeech.Net and how it fits in with my career. I’ve knocked around several ideas and I’ve finally come to a decision.


The reality is that I am simply not doing as much Speech Server development as I used to do. Most of my development focus has changed over to UCMA 3.0 and Communications Server W14.  In case you aren’t aware  also run GotUC.Net as a sister sight to GotSpeech.Net. over the coming weeks I will be moving more of my efforts over to as it fits my overall career direction. I’ll be doing most of my blogging over on GotUC as CS 14 gets closer to its release date. I will still monitor this sight and will answer forum questions.


So what is going to happen here at GotSpeech?  First let me say that GotSpeech.Net is not going away.


As you may have noticed even though I started this as a site dedicated to Speech Server I have over time added other forums such as the SAPI forum and the recently added FreeSWITCH forum. I have always tried to make this site fit the needs of speech developers. With that in mind I have made the decision to keep going down that path. In the next few days I will be adding a new forum for UCMA 3.0 development. This new forum will cover using UCMA for developing IVR type applications. It will handle questions about using the UCMA Core to develop IVR application using VXML as well as covering the UCMA Workflow API. I think this approach will allow you to expand your development expertise into the “new” way of doing speech/IVR development. Just as I added the FreeSWITCH platform I’ll add forums for other products/technologies that help you better accomplish your IVR development task. I will also blog here on those technologies and the parts of UCMA 3.0 that apply to the IVR developer. Some blog posts will appear on both sites as they will apply to both sites but I’ll limit the blog posts here to the IVR world.


So to sum things up – if it is IVR or speech related in any way then use GotSpeech.Net. If it is CS 14 development related use