Windows NT real name

Well, most people are surprised when they heard that NT in Windows NT DOESNT stand for New Technology. It is just marketing name…

The name was taken from Intel i860 processor – codenamed N-Ten – this processor served as hardware for NT during development. However this was unacceptable because of marketing reasons – that is why they tried to find name that would fit in NT shortcut – and they invented New Technology.

I just wanted to share this information with you.

New community server


Sorry for no post for a long time… MSMVPs switched to Community Server and I am not able to post anything from my work, so I will need to create posts from home (and all of my scripts are in work of course). However comments should (finally!) work…

Right now I am trying to find a new job, so I dont have enough time for anything 🙁 However when I will solve this problem, I will again begin posting about scripting and deployment 😉