SDS CUI – functional

Ok, right now SDS is based on command line. Here is example of usage:

C:\Temp\SDS>SDSManual.cmd /machine:vl10396t /operation:command /package:sleep /allowdefaultpackages:no
SDS Build 0007 beta
Martin Zugec (
<Removing previous variables>
<Generating session date>
<Setting internal variables>
<Importing SDS configuration>
<Health check for provided variables>
        Checking if right parameters were passed
        Checking if package files exist
        Checking if admin share is available
        HealthCheck OK
<Generating Job.ini file>
<Creating computer object>
<Parameter summary>
<Running SDSA with target type>
        Using mask Running.8385633.sleep
<Importing SDS configuration>
<Replacing characters in local path for use of admin shares>
<Checking for Running jobs>
        Parsing container 8385633.sleep
<Importing variables from job.ini>
<Checking if machine is online>
        Machine is online. Performing operation
        Checking if right parameters were passed
        Checking if package files exist
        Checking if admin share is available
        HealthCheck OK
<Parsing default packages – Start>
<Parsing objects when operation type is set to Group>
<Parsing objects when operation type is set to Installation or Command>
        Creating Package: sleep
<Running internalCreateQueue.cmd>
<Creating paths for packages>
        Path for Command package is
<Generating session.ini file>
<Parsing default packages – End>
<Moving generated file to machine>
Byla přidána nová úloha, ID: 7
                Job will run at 12:35
<Moving computer object>
        Job ID 8385633 was successfuly created.
        Operation: command
        Package: sleep
        Computer: vl10396t

What can you see there?

SDSManual.cmd /machine:vl10396t /operation:command /package:sleep /allowdefaultpackages:no

Run command sleep on computer vl10396t. Command sleep is defined as RunWait=!CurrentDirectory!\Sleep.exe


SDS is live again!

Hey guys,

remember days when I was working on SDS? After some time I left this idea, because I had absolutely NO feedback.

However last week I was on presentation about iScsi and one guy came to me because he recognized me and wanted to talk about SDS. I was quite surprised when he said he is using it in his company as replacement for SMS.

So I decided to continue my work on SDS… After all, it was fan project 🙂

For those of you that didnt hear about SDS – it is FREE rival of SMS 🙂 Or it will be when it will be available.

Right now I know about 2 GUIs for SDS – I need to figure out how to upload images, I will show you some screenshots.

Natively SDS is working from console – and it looks like it is working quite well :)))

Do you want to help? In that case, I am desperately in need of:

  • Graphics! Look at official site ( and try to find any picture 😉

  • AutoIt scripter – I need at least one guy, that will rewrite client (because you cant compile it using newer version of AutoIt)

  • Documentation writers – is wiki, so anyone can contribute

I will upload new version of SDS in few days (hope so tomorrow it will be available).

I just need one thing – FEEDBACK 🙂


No post loooong time

Hi guys!

I didnt post anything for a looong time – I am changing my work right now, I am going to DHL to work as Citrix administrator, however now when everything is ok (hope so), I will begin to post again…

Right now I am beginning my new presentation about Windows Vista – I want to create in-depth review about stuff administrators will love (like new scheduled tasks or ADS view using dir command). So you will see a lot of stuff about upcoming Microsoft OS – and it looks really promising.