Switching desktops between different users possible?

Hey guys,

 I love running scripts and cmdlines under different accounts – maybe I am too paranoid, but most of the time I have three accounts (one domain admin, one local admin and one normal user)…

I was always happy to use just cmd\powershell to manage everything, specially in combination with pluginned Total Commander… However sometimes you need to switch to desktop (for icons, start menu entries, whatever)…

 As far as I remember this was not possible – if you killed explorer.exe and started it under different account, it was not working.

But to my surprise today I accidentaly launched explorer under different account and his desktop and start menu appeared!

Was it working always (and I am just too stupid that I didnt try it before) or did Microsoft change something?

I just implemented small function SwitchDesktop (get-process explorer | kill; explorer) and it really looks like it is working…

Now I can just switch between my cmd windows and switch which desktop I want to use 🙂

Of course this can cause many problems, but I still like it a lot 🙂

2 thoughts on “Switching desktops between different users possible?”

  1. Function SwitchDesktop {
    Get-Process Explorer | Kill

    Thats it 🙂

    For cmd it will be SwitchDesktop.cmd:
    Taskkill /f /im explorer.exe

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