Check application streaming – for free ;)

I think everyone heard at least something about application streaming – related to my last post, it would solve most of our problems 🙂

Currently there are few solutions available like SoftGrid, Tarpoon, Thinstall, Altiris etc.

Problem is that most administrators would like to try application streaming before deploying it (or recommending it to their managers ;)).

I found two really nice sites where you can test it for free 🙂

  • – Thinstall is working similar way as AutoIt – it can generate packages that also contains required runtime. I really like this, because you can think about it as streaming also streaming engine itself 😉 On this page, you can download some free applications that are streamed for you.
  • Stream 24/7 – this site allows you to stream some applications also, however approach is different, you need to have client installed. It is powered by app streaming solution from Endeavors Technologies company.

Currently I am testing and I like this concept so far, however I can imagine future of it…


For example consider streamed SourceForge projects – you will have Stream button next to each project and you could easily check application without worrying about how it will affect your system.

Or jukebox concept (Endeavors was talking about it also). My idea is quite simple, you will have utility where you could burn\backup your stream applications to DVD (bluerays, whatever).

If you would like to run such application, jukebox will just ask you to insert required DVD and that’s it. New website? Stream IE6, IE7, Opera, Safari, FireFox…

And business model? Just think about online streaming – you could stream your application to internet (and it really means that you will have all tools you need at one place).

Think about streaming… Because you will heard about it more and more.

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