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So another small project is coming… Sometimes you need to get something from active directory. For example (because my environment is using groups heavily), I want to see relationships between different groups or I want to see my memberships – which groups I belong to (not just MemberOf, but also nested groups), but I also want to see how am I member of that groups…

 That is why I wrote small utility called ADGO (AD Groups Overview), that is able to visually represents some data to you. For example I have user called ADGOTest. He is member of group ADGOTest_Group1 and this group is member of ADGOTest1, ADGOTest2 and ADGOTest3.

After running ADGO, I selected Add group, Add and typed ADGOTest. After clicking OK button, following result will appear on screen:


You can use it with user accounts, but also with groups. I will post some additional details on how to use it, what can be done etc, however I think this tool could be really usefull for some people (and it is invaluable in cases when you want to consolidate).

First version allows you to zoom in, zoom out, print, save, expand objects by doubleclicking on them etc… Really easiest way to understand is to try it:

  • NO Installation needed, only .NET Framework 2.0

  • Download & extract project

  • Run ADGroupsOverview.exe

  • Click on Add group

  • Click on Add and select your username (mzugec for example). Or you can specify groups. You can add as many objects as you want.

  • Click on OK – relationships overview will be created automatically.

If you will like it (and please let me know by leaving comments), I will start adding new features (for example linking to published applications of Citrix, so you will see what and how is published and which groups got access).

You can download it from my SkyDrive below.



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  1. Hi Conor,

    and was it working (it should ;))? I`ll be fairly busy for next 2 months (you know, leaving is never easy), but then I thought I would release new version with direct Citrix support – so you will see all your published icons, you will just select ones you are interested in and it will generate “map” of linked groups for you.


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