SystemSherlockGUI – one package that rules them all ;)

Good news everyone – I just received email from Roger (a.k.a. Kephyr) – he is author of brilliant SystemSherlock. He allowed me to include SystemSherlock in one package with my GUI – so now you can download  one package with both GUI and command line interface 🙂


To remind you, SystemSherlock is snapshoting utility (like Regshot), that can track changes on your filesystem or registry…

Snapshoting is sometimes (often) better than using ProcMon\RegMon\FileMon – you only see real changes, no reads etc… So I prefer snapshoting when I for example want to find where in registry are some changes hapenning.

Compared to RegShot, SystemSherlock is I think much better – you can compare unlimited dumps (not only 1st & 2nd snapshot) and I like GUI more 😉

Download and enjoy 🙂

P.S.: If you have any feature requests or bugs to report, feel free to contact me, I would like to keep SystemSherlock alive

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