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as you maybe know, this summer I would like to focus on some (of course freeware ;)) projects… So here comes list of ideas that I have and you can vote what are you most interested in:

  • Hook Application – I created only POC for this, but I would definitely like to finish it (one day). HA allows you to manipulate with ANY process. You can specify rules for such processes and these rules are automatically performed – for example you can specify that you want to replace that process with another one (for example Iexplore.exe -> Opera.exe), run something before or after process, monitor some applications (so you can track how often you are running such process), lock process by password (if you dont know password, you won’t be allowed to run it), specify rules what to do when one process is running multiple times (so you can change any application to single-instance) etc etc – of course with full support for plugins 😉 I was using POC of HA on my laptop for few months – and I love idea of it 😉 So the idea is to move HA from POC (with manual configuration etc) to normal utility (with GUI, easy configuration etc).


  • Universal Elevator – you probably noticed my recent project Elevator and concept behind… And I was thinking that you can use exactly same concept not just for elevating, but also for runas. So if you would right click any executable, you would have RunAs context menu and under this menu all saved credentials. By selecting credential, executable would run under specified user account. I am still not decided about this – it can be quite dangerous, because you could run anything under different credentials without knowing password of that account.


  • Offline shortcuts editor – most peple are probably not affected by this, but if you try to create shortcuts that will be deployed on other computers, you can run into explorer limitations – for example it wont allow you to create shortcut to non-existent file. There are some offline editors, however all of them share same problems – for example you cant use variable that is not defined (if you do so, C:\ prefix will be automatically added).


  • AD Groups Overview with CMC support – AD Groups Overview allows you to create map of group memberships – you just specify username\groupname and (based on specified depth) overview of your memberships is automatically visualised (not only your direct group memberships) . I was thinking about adding Citrix support – you would just select some published icons and groups will be automatically detected (and members expanded etc). This way you could easily create picture of all groups that are related to some published icons.


  • External drives mapper – I wrote post about mapping external drive to local folder – I love this concept, it is extremely useful specially for card readers (instead of remembering which drive letter is which card, you can create instead folders like SD, MMC etc and free you drive letters), but it is pretty time consuming to migrate your drive letters to folder structure. I was thinking about creating utility that could do that for you.



  • UPDATE: I forgot one POC I never rewrote to full product – Auto Update (name will definitely change) – small utility that acts as UNIVERSAL auto updater. It will detect new releases based on time stamps (if newer version of file is uploaded, it will recognize it as new release). Current POC (only CLI part) allows you to specify applications that doesn’t contain version numbers in file name (everything from SysInternals), in next release I would like to have nice GUI interface and add features to detect downloads also based on HTML tag (so everything should work)


  • UPDATE: Say.exe – I forgot another one 🙂 Few days ago I started using speech recognition in Vista – and I really, really love it 😀 I disabled dictation mode, so I only use it as replacement of alt+tab, clicking, starting applications etc and success rate is about 95% (which is pretty good number I think). I haven’t used speech recognition for many years – I was really disappointed by numerous statements “Our product have success rate 99%”, when usually such recognition applications were decreasing my productivity instead of increasing it. Not with Vista – that is probably first recognition that really works for me… I plan to write some article with videos about it… Speech recognition allows you to dictate text, command computer and also translate text to speech – and I would like to create really small command line utility where you could simply call say.exe “Script finished successfully” and that way provide some feedback from scripts\applications (instead of including hundreds of wav files or some similar approach). I would like to link that to some events – for example if I would receive new messenger message or mail, I would like it to clearly say New mail arrived or New message arrive or something like this… But first I must create say.exe 😀

If you think something is missing or you would like to add anything, just comment 🙂

Leave comments like VOTE: ADGroupsOverview, HA (suddenly community server have some problems with embedding flash objects, so my voting is not working)


4 thoughts on “Upcoming projects – please vote”

  1. VOTE: Hook Application (!), maybe External drives mapper
    And of course the “Always Elevate”-Elevator-update 😀

  2. @SwissGuy: Always Elevate is part of HA – you can specify there rules like “whenever process regedit.exe is called, use ElevatorRunner.exe Regedit.exe instead” 😉

    @MIW: CMC functionality or something more? I would like to prepare some roadmap for next few months 😉

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