Concepts, concepts, concepts everywhere! [rev3]

Hello everyone,

In case you haven’t heard, Neowin has leaked some concept photos of MSN 11, for which we can expect around the launch of the next version of Windows, codenamed Longhorn due in 2006.  The images and video of MSN wave 11, Longhorn Live, and Microsoft Live Services have since been restricted.  I think it all looks great, although I will warn you that the final product is usually much different from the original concept.  There is no live code, or program behind these images; it’s simply a graphics designer working his magic.  That said it still shows where the MSN team is heading and that they are absolutely committed to developing better products.  Maybe eventually we’ll even see some prototypes, which have running code, of MSN 11 and these new Live services.

Feel free to browse around the Concepts image gallery where you’ll find not only the above mention concepts, but also the old concepts of MSN Mars [MSN Explorer 6], HailStorm [now defunct .NET My Services/XML Web Services] and Unified Communication Client [still left to be seen].


When viewing the image gallery, I know that some of the images aren’t resized properly for the CSS I’m using and I did change it, but I like this one so much!  So remember you may have to scroll all the way down to view the image.  I may fool around with it and add some white space just to get it to resize better, but for now I’m being lazy [and have too much stuff to do].
Attention–All images and references to the artist have been removed at the request of the artist.

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