LIVE: Celebrate the new year with!

LIVE:  The three live streams are as follows,
1) The Show of behind the scenes activity with Romeo from Z100 [some radio personality in NYC]: <> [mms://]
2) The Scene of the Times Square celebration show: <> [mms://]
3) The Skybox, bird’s-eye coverage of Times Square: <> [mms://]
Also, if you wish to send out a Happy New Year live across the world, e-mail <>, with “NEW YEAR’S MESSAGE” as the subject line <>.  Your messages may appear on The Show webcast or online at <>.

Hello everyone,

New year’s eve is upon us and MSN Video is ready to help you ring in the new year with exclusive three-angle Times Square coverage available for the first time on the Internet!  Celebrate like never before on this historic 100 year anniversary of the official Times Square New Year’s Eve party.  The webcast will begin at 6:00 pm EST and end at 12:15 am EST.  Until then, there are a number of videos about the celebration, it’s history and a review of 2004 at <>.  Additionally, check out MSNBC’s Year in Review at <> and have a Happy New Year!


PS–For those who subscribe to .NET Alerts updates of my blog, there will be an alert sent out shortly before the webcast begins.  For more information, read the press release at <>.

1) That means it starts 5 pm CST, 4 pm MST, 3 pm PST [I know it’s easy to forget].
2) I tried doing the .NET Alert but MessageCast didn’t want to play along.

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