ADO.NET Data Services Hooking POC v2

I continue my POC development.

In my previous version, I didn’t supported keys in url. I do now. So I can do something like this:


I hope this POC will become more than a POC. ADO.NET Data Services has some limitations with EF:

My POC tries to resolve these problems.

The next version will probably implement the IUpdatable interface to allow data updates.

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5 Responses to ADO.NET Data Services Hooking POC v2

  1. Martintr says:

    Hi Matthieu

    I am hanging out for the IUpdatable capabilities as we speak.
    I am so excited about what your doing here and can not believe this is not already an intrinsic part of ADO Data Services functionality.
    This actually makes it usable.

    Any idea when the IUpdatable update will go live. I can’t wait.

    Thank You so much for your effort.


  2. Matthieu MEZIL says:

    Thanks Big Smile

    In fact I don’t really know. I hoped to do it yesterday night but I have a NullReferenceException when I try to get the metadata (It isn’t my code here). So I must resolve it before implementing the IUpdatable interface.

    I hope to be able to do this next week.

  3. Martintr says:

    HI Matthieu
    I have seen this as well and can not figure it out.

    it’s like the Data Service won’t allow more than one type in the the reply at a time.

    This would make sence but hope it’s not the case.


  4. Martintr says:

    Hi Matthieu
    I can not reference the DataService when it is created.
    Have you overcome this issue or is there not going to be a suitable solution.

    I really want to use this but am time constricted.

    Could I just get a quick update to where you are at the moment.

    Thank you so much

  5. Matthieu MEZIL says:

    I had the same problem. You can’t read the metadata (see my previous comment).
    I remove relationships from the base classes and I add them into the exposed classes and it’s now good.
    I hope to be able to publish soon the v3 (with IUpdatable implementation). I am working on it but it isn’t easy to find time, particularly with a wife and two little children.

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