ADO.NET Data Services Hooking POC V3

The third version of my ADO.NET Data Services Hooking POC is released.

The IUpdatable interface is partially implemented. I am waiting for an answer to my thread to implement ClearChanges and ResetResource methods.

Note that it’s a POC, so my tests are very primitive. If you find a bug, let me know and please send me a code to reproduce it at matthieu.mezil at

I will use this post to answer some questions:

Why having a class hierarchy like this for my entities?

  • EmployeeBase (abstract)
    • Employee
    • ManagerBase (abstract)
      • Manager
      • TeamManager

With ADO.NET Data Services, you can’t have inheritance between the classes you expose. So if you want to expose some employees and some managers, you can’t have Manager inheriting Employee.

Why defining relationships in the exposed classes and not in the base?

An employee has a Manager property and a Manager has also a Manager property. But if you define the Manager property in EmployeeBase, you have a NullReferenceException when you want to get the metadata. It’s a framework bug which will probably be fixed in next version.

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