ADO.NET Data Services Hooking POC V4

I don’t like rights management with ADO.NET Data Services.

Indeed, you can use a method with ChangeInterceptor attribute to manage CUD operations and a QueryInterceptor attribute to manage Read operations. But if it’s a right logic, I think it should be in the entity class (in the BLL) and not in the service.

With my POC, you just need the entity type implements one or two interfaces:

public interface IEntityNeedRightToRead


    bool CanRead(string login);


public interface IEntityNeedRightsToWrite


    bool CanChange(string login, string propertyName);

    bool CanChangeLinks(string login, string propertyName);

    bool CanAdd(string login);

    bool CanDelete(string login);


Moreover, in my sample, I have the Login property in my entity types so it’s easy to return the default value of a property if you don’t want to expose it for the connected people.

The next step is, in this case, to exclude the property if it is in ETags.

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One Response to ADO.NET Data Services Hooking POC V4

  1. Martintr says:

    Hi Matthieu
    My mistake on the can’t add new object.
    I wasn’t exposing a required DateTime field.

    Otherwise really happy with where this is going.

    I have this running to Silverlight well and so far can do most functions required at the moment.

    I will have a look at the updates when I get a chance.

    Thank you for your effort and generousity in sharing this with us.


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