ObjectContext.Add, ObjectContext.Delete

With Northwind, we have an ObjectQuery<Category> property on the context, an AddToCategorySet method and a DeleteOject method.

But it isn’t very intuitive. Indeed, it should be better to have a method Add and a method Delete on the ObjectQuery class.

To do this, I define two extension methods:

public static class ObjectQueryExtension


    public static void Add<T>(this ObjectQuery<T> objectQuery, T entity) where T : EntityObject


        objectQuery.Context.AddObject(entity.EntitySetName(objectQuery.Context), entity);



    public static void Delete<T>(this ObjectQuery<T> objectQuery, T entity) where T : EntityObject





    private static string EntitySetName(this EntityObject entity, ObjectContext context)


        if (entity.EntityKey != null)

            return entity.EntityKey.EntitySetName;

        return context.MetadataWorkspace.GetItemCollection(DataSpace.CSpace).OfType<EntityContainer>().First().BaseEntitySets.First(es =>


            var entityTypeMetadata = context.MetadataWorkspace.GetItemCollection(DataSpace.CSpace).OfType<EdmType>().First(ese => ese.Name == entity.GetType().Name);

            while (entityTypeMetadata.BaseType != null)

                entityTypeMetadata = entityTypeMetadata.BaseType;

            return es.ElementType == entityTypeMetadata;




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